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FRIENDLY BAY ISLANDER ‘LAST PUBLICATION STANDING’ In these times of major media closures and changes, we note the final closure (for good) of the Redland City Bulletin. In was a News Corp publication and it was expected, given the number of ‘regional’ closures of publications that have occurred in recent times. Big boffins seem to be convinced there is no place for regional and community publications. So why is it publications like the Bulletin and many others have closed their doors and your Friendly Bay Islander is still going strong 12 years after it started in 2011. We know the reason, and it about writing stories that are positive to a community; not the normal stuff that so-called journalists reckon is a good story (most of them negative). The old adage for journalists was always: If a dog bites a man, it’s not a good story; but if a man bites and dog, it is! It is a misnomer and we know that most people work hard and nearly everyone has a good story to tell. We are proud that we produce a publication here of the highest quality, far outstripping weekly publications that are printed on newsprint. And we do it charging prices that are a quarter to a third of the prices those publications charge. We believe another publication is going to start up in the Redlands. It won’t be home delivered (as is your Friendly Bay Islander), and its advertising rates are astronomical. The success of a publication is getting as many people to read a publications as possible with responsible charges and costs. We believe we do that more than admirably with our publication, and we are glad that our many advertisers and readers think so too! No wonder we are often called ‘The Bible of the Islands’ delivering reach and every month to every home and business on six islands: Karragarra, Macleay, Lamb, Russell, Coochiemudlo and North Stradbroke Islands. Promote your business using the best read publication just about ever. Phone 0400004373 for more information or email:

A NEW LOOK! Readers will notice a ‘new look’ to your Friendly Bay Islander in this edition. We like to stay up with the latest design trends, so you will see sections of the magazine have a NEW LOOK about them. This is a progressive move that will continue to happen over the coming months. We hope you enjoy the new look and the design changes!!??



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