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Our good friend and artist, Lynda Faulkner, has done it again!

If painting her car wasn’t enough, now she has come up with a clever concept that could have enormous implications.

She has developed very clever concept that has seen her artwork turned into the ‘splash back’ of her new kitchen at her Macleay Island home, that just happens to be in one of the best positions on our islands.

Lynda tells us she came up with the idea for the colourful splash back “because I wanted to keep our new kitchen fairly neutral; but I also wanted to have a splash of colour.”

And as can be seen from the attached photo, the kitchen is all black and the splash back is literally WOW!

To make it all happen, Lynda explains: 

“I painted an original art work on a 3.2m long 300gm watercolour paper. 

“A glass company in Capalaba then photographed it and printed my design onto the glass splash back. 

“It took them around two weeks to do the job,” Lynda said.

To say that the outcome is ‘spectacular’ is an understatement.

However, for it all to happen on the ‘home front’ Lynda was fortunate that husband, Dave, has such an open mind when it comes to Lynda and her design ideas.

They say out of one idea that great happenings may come!

We put it to Lynda that we reckon many other people might want similar impacts with their kitchen designs.

We think an ‘industry’ could spawn out of Lynda’s latest artistic concept.

And would Lynda Faulkner put her artistic skills to work for others who may want a kitchen or bathroom ‘splash back with a difference’?

We reckons she would!

• Lynda Faulkner with her original artwork and the completed splash back.



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