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Twelve-year-old Jiah Fisher Minjerribah/Norrth Stradbroke Island lad is well named.

He loves fishing, as do many of his friends and family, particularly from the Harold Walker Jetty that is earmarked for demolition by the Queensland State Government in the coming days.

He was so upset when he heard about the plans for the jetty, he decided to do something about it.

He told a gathering of more than 200 people on Sunday, January 24, at a protest event he organised, that he wanted to save “our jetty because we go fishing on it all the time.

“It gives me and my friends and family something to do; we are at the Harold Walker every weekend, and almost every day over the school holidays.

“We love catching fish to take home and eat. I also share the fish I catch with my Elders.

“I grew up fishing on this jetty and have many memories of it, as do many islanders of all ages.

“I want the jetty to be here for my younger siblings and cousins as they grow up too,” young Jiah said to the assembled crowd.

For those who may not know, the jetty was built in 1986 and was named after Harold Walker who ran the ferry service to the Island for 20 years up until 1974.

Simon Walker, son of Harold, and his wife Christine was at the protest and spoke in favour of saving the jetty in its present form.

Young Jiah suggested the alternative options instead of the Government knocking it down, would be to repair the jetty as they have done with the jetty at Amity.

“It is a value to the community and youth on the island and it is located in a fantastic fishing spot. You always catch a fish or two here in this position

“All it needs is some TLC from the Government.

“They are investing millions of dollars into the island for tourism; but none of this is benefiting our community or our youth.

“Why can’t they invest a small amount of money into our community to save our jetty?” Jiah asked.

Tegan Burns, was MC for the event and told the many who attended that: “We have created a petition that will be getting tabled in Parliament and would appreciate it if everyone can take the time to sign it.

“If you have friends or family who would like to sign, we are posting a link to the petition on our facebook page Save Our Jetty.”

• Jiah Fisher, doing what he loves best on the jetty!

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