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ISLANDS PLAY A MAJOR ROLE IN THE RE-ELECTION OF KIM RICHARDS The islands of Moreton Bay have played a major role in the re-election of Labor Member for Redlands, Kim Richards. Once a seat dominated by the LNP and regarded as a ‘Bell Weather’ seat, Kim Richards has turned it into a 5% plus swing to the Labor Party; a 2% increase on the 2016 outcome. The final percentages were Kim Richards on 43.54% and Henry Pike on 38.14%. the Greens Carmen McNaught was a distant third on 6.07%. It was the strength of her vote that turned the outcome of Redlands into a major win and into the territory of becoming a ‘safe’ Labor seat. Kim Richards’ major opponent was Henry Pike of the LNP. Whilst Ms Richards won in every form of counting and at every polling booth, it was the islands that contributed to the big swing to her and the Labor Party. In absentee early voting and at some mainland booths, the voting was much closer with figures of 39.7% to Henry Pike’s 38.44%, while pre-polling at Victoria Point had Richards just in front on 43.5% compared to Pike’s 41.44% That was as close as it ever got. On polling day, Kim Richards led the way decisively winning some booths as much as 10% On Coochiemudlo Island, Kim won 49.8 % of the vote with Henry Pike on 22.58%. On Lamb Island it was 53.59% to 29.28%; Macleay Island 48.50% to 28.47% and Russell Island 47.20% for Kim Richards and 28.47 for Henry Pike; close to 20% differences in all cases. The mainland voting in Thornlands and Victoria Point saw differentials of around 10% plus. Kim Richards was ‘thankful’ for the support she received. “I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, particularly on the islands," she told The Friendly Bay Islander.



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