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CHRISTOPHER GILBERT KEEN TO HAND OVER REINS OF MIAC THAT IS IN PRETTY ‘GOOD SHAPE’ President of the Macleay Island Arts Complex Inc, Christopher Gilbert, is ready to hand over the reins of the organisation to a new executive. Architect Christopher believes MIAC is in a strong enough to position and has some vital steps in place for an exciting future. “I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t think MIAC was ready for it,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander. And it is not just a new executive that Chris believes will help rejuvenate the organisation. More volunteers are also required to help with some of the new directions and activities. Christopher Gilbert believes MIAC plays a ‘significant’ role in the fabric that is Macleay Island. “It is not just a place for artists. It is an organisation for all islanders to enjoy. “You only have to see just how many people who turn up for our show openings. It is quite remarkable,” the outgoing president said. “What we want is some new and fresh blood to get involved. There may be some new people recently arrived to the islands who would like to get involved either via the committee or as volunteers.” MIAC will be holding elections in October, so new arrivals or possible candidates can have a think about it leading into the annual general meeting. Christopher Gilbert will be handing over the organisation in a ‘good place’. “Craig Shanks before me started the ball rolling when he had the MIAC leases with council all sorted out so that the ‘footprint’ of the complex were all sorted out. “I have harked back to my architectural years and have produced an exciting building concept for the future of MIAC,” Christopher said. The new building is much larger than the present gallery and will reach out and connect to the neighbouring pottery section. There will also be larger verandahs with brilliant views that will be perfect for the many functions and openings we have at MIAC. The outgoing president, Christopher says he will be happy to ‘stay on’ and act as a building supervisor for the project, when funding is made available. And funds may be available soon, thanks to pre Federal May election promises via the Labor candidate Donisha Duff and State Labor MP Kim Richards. It is believed around $1.5 million may be forthcoming via the forthcoming Federal Labor budget. Christopher Gilbert hopes the funding will come in the next financial year. If you are interested in getting involved with MIAC either in an executive role or as a volunteer, you may contact the organisation at Macleay Island Arts Complex <> or phone 3409 4100.

• Christopher Gilbert (centre) with Donisha Duff and Kim Richards when the Labor promise for MIAC funding was made

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