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FRED BROGDEN GOING ‘GREAT GUNS’ AFTER MIRACLE SURGERY Miracle man, Fred Brogden, is still going from strength to strength We told the story of Pastor of the Safe Harbour Church on Russell Island, Fred, in our June cover story. Fred has had what we termed ‘miracle’ brain surgery to help him with his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. After suffering from the debilitating disease for 12 years, he underwent major surgery that has now literally transformed his life. From being almost near non-functioning, he literally has his life back with a huge spring in his step. It is a remarkable outcome given that a long-term positive result was never certain. However, thanks to recent advancements with this procedure which involved two drilling points deep into the brain, a longer-term benefit is now possible. A battery has been placed into Fred’s chest to power an electrode in the brain via a wire that has been run down the side of Fred’s head, to allow continual brain ’stimulation’ as required. This can be done by computer and blue tooth via the doctor from anywhere, or by the patient controlling a mobile phone-like pad. Fred Brogden explained: “It has been amazing. “Since I last spoke to you, my doctors have initiated the electrode control that is now in my body. “They can gain access via Bluetooth using a computer or mobile phone. “There is a form of adjustment that can vary the amount of stimulation to the affected area in the brain,” Fred Brogden told The Friendly Bay Islander. This will apparently get easier and better with continual analysis and time. “I am feeling wonderful. The change has been so dramatic. At times it has overwhelmed me”. “Not everyone gets a second chance at life. I have been given a second, wonderful chance,” An emotional Fred Brogden added. Fred’s progress has been declared by his doctors as close to 100% successful as is possible. So much so, that patient’s contemplating a similar procedure have contacted Fred for advice and assistance. “I have told them my experience and suggested that a positive attitude also helps the eventual outcome. I hope it inspired them to look at their circumstances”. “From my point of view, there was no other option. “It was either, have the procedure or continue to deteriorate till I was almost immobile. “As far as I am concerned, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. “It is my miracle from God, and the doctors working through His hands," Fred Brogden said.

• Fred Brogden enjoying life again

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