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POLICE COMMISSIONER TO ‘LOOK AT’ MORE POLICE FOR RUSSELL ISLAND Queensland Commissioner of Police, Katarina Carroll will ‘look at’ deploying more police for Russell Island. In an exclusive interview with The Friendly Bay Islander, we were able to put one of the most important questions to Queensland’s top police officer. She was on Russell Island in the company of the Premier of Queensland, the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, and separately on an earlier day. They were there to meet with volunteers and islanders in the wake of the horrendous home fire tragedy that killed a father, Wayne Godinet, and five boys aged 11, 10, twins aged four and their three-year-old brother. In our July edition, the Friendly Bay Islander highlighted the plight of island police and the workload pressures they are under. We revealed that Russell Island police, in particular, have a workload up to five times higher than the majority of police staff elsewhere in Queensland. We were able to tell Commissioner Carroll of witnessing some of the extraordinary hours that police staff have been working under here on our islands. In one instance, one officer had been ‘on the job’ for more than 24 hours straight. They listed Domestic Violence and ‘other issues’ as problematic to their demanding jobs. We found Commissioner Carroll to be very ‘compassionate, understanding’ and aware of the island situation. She added that she was also noted the publicity the situation had received in the Friendly Bay Islander. “I am very aware of what the situation is on your islands. “All of Queensland deserves adequate care and protection provided by our police force. “Police numbers and deployment are on-going issue. “You can be assured I will take it up with the appropriate deployment area when it comes to placement of police resources,” the Commissioner added.

• Queensland Commissioner of Police, Katarina Carroll, with Acting Chief Superintendent Andrew Pilotto pictured at the Memorial Gardens on Russell Island.



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