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MACLEAY NEW JETTY TERMINAL IN PLACE IN RECORD TIME In just the space of two days, the Macleay Island new jetty terminal and footways have been put in place. The terminal area is the same size as the Russell Island terminal, but there is a huge difference in access. Because of the water depth adjacent to our islands, Macleay Island has a much shorter access than that of Russell Island. Nearly 100 metres of covered and concreted walkways have been required at Russell Island, whereas Macleay Island walkway access is approximately 30 metres from the shore. That is why installation of the new terminal was put in place so quickly, with the walkways added just two days after the terminal was manoeuvred into place, after being floated out from the Thornlands base. The terminals have all been constructed at The Jetty Specialists headquarters on the Sunshine Coast and then transported to Thornlands where superstructure has been added. With the Macleay Island construction, more preliminary work was carried out at Thornlands, than was the case for the Russell Island structure. More wiring, roofing and lining was able to be completed. This will also probably be the case with the new terminals at Lamb and Karragarra Islands. Preparatory work is now being carried out at those islands by The Jetty Specialists The pontoons for the Lamb Island and Karragarra Island jetties have already been constructed on the Sunshine Coast and are now being moved to Thornlands for their superstructure work. They are smaller than those constructed for Russell and Macleay islands. Lamb Island is next in line with Karragarra Island to be the last of the four island jetties to go in place. The $45 million project is being funded by the Queensland Government in conjunction with Redland City Council. All four new jetties are expected to be completed by late 2023, with the Russell Island jetty hoped to be the first in use before the end of this year. If that the case, the Macleay Island jetty and terminal will not be that far behind.

• Cr Mark Edwards and a colourful MP Kim Richards with the new jetty walkway being lowered into place