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WENDY MACDONALD NEW OWNER OF SOUTHSEA TERRACE SHOPPING VILLAGE Wendy Macdonald is a new resident of our islands and is a lady who likes to get things done. And she also happens to be the new owner of the Southsea Terrace Shopping Village on Macleay Island. In what is her first venture into commercial real estate, Wendy could be best classed as a property developer, author and business advisor with a pretty impressive background. She is about to publish her first book helping people build wealth through property development. Originally from Christchurch in New Zealand, she has worked for many years particularly in business consultancy that involves developing a mind-set for success. She certainly has applied her techniques to her own life. Wendy has purchased the Southsea Terrace Shopping Village with some specific goals. Primarily she was attracted to our shores thanks to some island friends. “It is a lovely island with lovely people and I think it has enormous potential,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander. Wendy initially is applying plenty of maintenance to the Seaview Terrace Shopping Village. “The Village does need a bit of love and attention”. “I want to make it a hub for the island community where islanders and visitors can come and enjoy what is potentially a lovely boutique shopping and community area,” she said. There are some great businesses at the Southsea Terrace Shopping Village and Wendy wants to enhance the visitation experience, so watch out for some exciting changes in the near future. Wendy is a passionate “foodie” and also wants to play an active role in the community, particularly utilising her skill set relating to the food manufacturing industry. She has an extensive background here, and the islands’ history in colonial food production is of interest to her. “I think there is so much potential here that I would like to explore interest in helping set up a little “foodie hub” to complement other artisans on the island” she said. There are three spots at the Seaview Terrace Shopping Village that are available and Wendy is already exploring opportunities and concepts for these areas. If you are interested in any of these areas for business opportunities, contact Wendy on 0448 808 268.

° Wendy Macdonald in front of Southsea Terrace Shopping Village

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