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SHOPPING CENTRE PLAN RUSSELL ISLAND TO GET NEW SHOPPING LOCATION IN CAMBRIDGE ROAD Russell Island is likely to get a new shopping centre, located in Cambridge Road. A Sydney investment group is intent on developing the site. Spokesperson for the group is island businessman, Michael Clout. Michael is well known to islanders as the owner-operator of the big portable crane via his Island Industrial Services. He told the Friendly Bay Islander that representatives of the investment group recently visited Russell Island. They recognised the potential in the island for more business opportunities, and in particular retail space. Michael said: ““For our population, there is definitely a need for more retail opportunities and outlets. “Too many services are supplied from the mainland. “There needs to be more island businesses and growth to help provide opportunity and more jobs for islanders,” Michael told The Friendly Bay Islander. The investment group has acquired a large site in Cambridge Road, Russell Island. It is located directly behind the current Russell Island Shopping Centre. Island builder and artist, Bob Turner has come up with a concept design, in art form, for the possible shopping complex (see picture). A range of businesses and services could be based in the complex including cafe, variety store, clothing, beauty, medical, bakery, laundry and possibly a gym. In fact, Michael Clout wants to hear about some suggestions for shop and service needs and ideas from the island public. If you have any suggestions, you may contact Michael via email at: or phone him on 0438 777 726.

• A suggested concept of the shopping centre by Bob Turner



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