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No Seamarkets on Karragarra this year!

IT’S A LOW TIDE FESTIVAL FOR 2023! After the hugely successful 2022, Tide: Redlands Coast Islands Festival, which attracted over 4200 people, and spent more than $750k, the organising committee are working on 2023’s, Low Tide Festival. “Low Tide is smaller in scale, but not in quality,” explained Shane Rendalls, President of SMBI Chamber of Commerce (auspice organisation for Tide). “The decision to go ahead with a Low Tide Festival, is largely due to mainland parking issues and the timing of the Weinam Creek development which overlaps with the October King’s Birthday, long-weekend. We know from last year’s data that over half the attendees were off-island, meaning increased pressure for constrained parking throughout the 10-day event” he said. “It’s safe to say that Tide 2022 took a toll on the organising team. The last thing we would want to see is Tide overcommitting our dedicated volunteers, organisers and stakeholder’s year in year out. “This year, Low Tide will focus on showcasing and celebrating the island communities. There’ll be a stronger emphasis on smaller community-produced events and fewer major events,” states Tide Festival Director, Jeremy Staples. “The Karragarra Sea Market is our most labour-intensive event within the Tide program. It’s essentially a major festival within the Tide Festival program. “Due to the huge volunteer workload required to deliver such an event, Sea Market will become a biennial event within the Tide Festival. “That does mean no Sea Market this year (2023).” said Karragarra Sea Market Coordinator Shirley Lindsay. To capture the best of what the Islands offer, we’re seeking proposals for events that align with the Tide Festival’s core themes of: Creativity, Community and Sustainability. To ensure the inaugural Low Tide Festival is inclusive and accessible to all, an Expressions of Interest form has been launched for all event organisers to submit a proposal. This process will guarantee that the program is curated to avoid major clashes of programming and the Low Tide team can support and promote each event individually. Event producers should submit Expression of Interest online at by 30 May 2023. Any further questions can be directed to: Keep current on Tide info:

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While it’s a Low Tide for 2023, High Tide will return bigger than ever, in 2024. The Tide Festivals take place on Quandamooka Country.

• No Seamarkets on Karragarra this year!

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