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PARAMEDIC SERVICES DOUBLED FOR BAY ISLAND RESIDENTS Bay island residents will soon see the number of paramedics doubled in their communities. The additional funding will see paramedic teams boosted to two-man teams; making a huge difference to support and management. Member for Redlands Kim Richards said she’s been a strong advocate for extra ambulance services – and the substantial staff increases will be delivered in the coming months. “Investing in health services is vital to delivering the Palaszczuk Government's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan, building resilience and creating jobs,” Ms Richards said. “Eleven additional paramedics will be stationed at Russell and Macleay Islands and on the Bay island water ambulance, the Kitty Kat,” Ms Richards said. “The increased staff will build capacity on Russell and Macleay Island stations and provide around-the-clock paramedic coverage on the Kitty Kat. “The extra paramedics will fill day and afternoon shifts for Macleay and Russell Islands, along with after hours on-call. “The 24/7 support for the Kitty Kat will make it easier for Bay island residents to get emergency transport to a mainland hospital. “It will also allow paramedics stationed on the island to stay there, so they can provide health services to locals. “ Kim Richards explained that she has listened to Bay islands residents who have been concerned about the pressure on local services. She continued: “Two-man response paramedic teams will make a huge difference to island medical call-outs. “Ambulance cases have increased by 16 per cent on Russell Island in the past year, and Macleay Island has seen a nine per cent jump. “I know the community will welcome this news – it’s a great boost to local health services. “These new staff are part of the 535 additional ambulance officers the Palaszczuk Government will deliver across the state over four years. “We know more Queenslanders are calling these beautiful islands home and the Palaszczuk Government is making sure residents get the best care when they need an ambulance.” The Member for Redlands added that the proposed Satellite Hospital at Weinam Creek was another example of the investments being made by the Government in her electorate.

• Kim Richards with the Russell Island paramedic team and Health Department officials.

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