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NEW SEALINK PASSENGER FERRY ‘TALWURRAPIN’ A NEW GENERATION VESSEL The new jet boat for the Bay Islands is now in service on the SMB Islands passenger service. The new generation vessel is named Talwurrapin (means Redland Bay and Cotton Tree) has replaced an older generation passenger ferry, the Inswiabon. Changes have occurred further down the line with the Kitty Kat ambulance craft replaced with Inswiabon. This is a temporary arrangement until the new QAS vessel, which is currently being built by CMA in Brisbane, comes into service around June/July 2023. The Talwurrapin has many new features that set it apart from its predecessors. More expensive passenger seat windows a full-length to the floor and the seating arrangement patterns are more expansive. There are also significant other technological additions to the vessel which makes it literally ‘state-of-the-art’ when it comes to passenger ferry technology. The more expansive, full-length windows provide a ‘tourism element’ to the island passenger journey, giving passengers a wonderful view of the expansive Moreton Bay waterways.

• New passenger ferry Talwurrapin and an internal image.



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