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BECOMING ‘YOU’ PERSONAL GROWTH ISLAND MEETINGS MAKING A DIFFERENCE There is a new island personal growth group that is definitely making a difference for many islanders. It is called ‘Becoming You’, and it is all about tackling issues such as loneliness and anxiety. The special meetings are the brainchild of a ‘retired’ psychologist Clive Cooperthwaite and a qualified counsellor David Brasted, both residents of Russell (Canaipa) Island. The duo have started the special support/therapy group to attack common society needs; not necessarily exclusive to our islands. “Many, many people suffer from several levels of anxiety,” psychologist Clive told The Friendly Bay Islander. “This can often be attributed to life in general and loneliness. “Anxiety can also lead to various levels of depression,” Clive added. Counsellor David says a root cause can often be because many people ‘do not know who they really are!’ “These sometimes hidden issues leads to nervousness and anxiety. In fact, many people do not realise they have an ‘issue’. David says the Becoming You sessions are about getting together in a group and ‘peeling the layers away’. “It is about getting people to reveal their ‘real selves’. “There are many lonely people on our islands, and these Becoming You Sessions can play a major factor in releasing tensions, and getting people to get out and meet others and to become a part of the community, making new friends along the way,” David Brasted added. The weekly meetings are being held at the Wellness Clinic, Cambridge Road, Russell Island. There is a small cost of $10 per session. To find out more call David 0450 463 323 or Clive 0414 406 221.

• David Brasted and Clive Cooperthwaite at the Wellness Clinic ‘Becoming You’ sessions.



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