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LONE PINE SEEDLING PLANTING AT MACLEAY ISLAND STATE SCHOOL REMEMBERS WORLD WAR 1 BATTLE A seedling from the famous World War 1 battlefield of Lone Pine has been planted in the grounds of Macleay Island Primary School. This planting took place on Monday 24th April , the day before Anzac Day. The seedling was sourced by the Macleay Island RSL Sub Branch. In fact, there were two ceremonies. There was one at 9.30am conducted by the Macleay school children after a BBQ breakfast that was provided at the school, hosted and provided by the sub branch. Later in the day at 2pm, Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, also attended again with Macleay RSL Sub Branch members and the school principal. The pine seedling from Lone Pine is significant because the Battle of Lone Pine in World War 1 was significant in the Gallipoli campaign against the Ottoman Turks between 6 and 10 August 1915. At Lone Pine, the assaulting force of Australians captured the valued area after three days of intensive fighting. Ottoman losses were estimated at between 5000–6000. Of the Australian force that had launched the attack, almost half became casualties. Australian losses during the battle amounted to 2,277 men killed or wounded. Out of the total 4600 men committed to the fighting over the course of the battle, these represent some of the highest casualties of the campaign. These losses and sacrifices that these men made, are what the seedling at Macleay Island State School represents.

• The Lone Pine cemetery

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