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Redland City Council crews have been out in force repairing potholes and mowing long grass following recent heavy rainfall. Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council was prioritising its resources to ensure roads, parks and open spaces were safe for all users. “Heavy rainfall, like that experienced across all of south east Queensland at the end of February, can cause damage to local roads,” Cr Williams said. “On Redlands Coast this included not only a large number of potholes, but a high volume of debris, road shoulder damage, some damage from flooded roads around stormwater structures, and scouring and rutting to unsealed gravel roads on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.” Cr Williams said Council received 114 reports of road damage following the heavy rain, and 90 of those were for potholes. “Once it was safe to do so, Council roads crews prioritised the removal of debris and repairing potholes,” she said. “The majority of the potholes were repaired between March 1 and 4 and, since then, about 140 work orders have been completed. “Our crews will continue to monitor the condition of our roads and make repairs as needed.” Cr Williams said long grass in parks and open spaces was another byproduct of heavy rainfall followed by days of sunshine. “There was so much rainfall that the ground was too wet to mow until early April 10, some time after the rain had stopped, so we are a bit behind our normal mowing schedule,” she said. “However Council staff and contractors are working longer hours and on Saturdays to cover as much ground as possible, and are prioritising high-use parks with playgrounds, as well as sports fields, ahead of open spaces.” Cr Williams said residents may notice more grass left behind in parks after they are mowed. “This is because the grass is so long but it will eventually be mulched with subsequent mowing as we get on top of the grass growth spurt following the rain,” she said. “So although residents will be able to use our parks, they will notice grass on their shoes. “Council is responsible for mowing 19,000 hectares of land – that’s an area larger than Moreton Island – so I encourage everyone to be patient as our mowing crews make their way around all our green spaces.” To report a pothole, call Council on 3829 8999 or lodge an online request form.