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KIM RICHARDS STARTS MENTL HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAM TO COMBAT SUICIDE AND HARM DANGERS Kim Richards has become aware of the importance of good mental health on our islands. The State Member for Redlands says mental health is ‘vital’ for all, and particularly for our island community. “I know there have been some instances of mental health outcomes on our islands in recent times. “Some have led to some unfortunate outcomes that have resulted in the loss of life,” Kim told The Friendly Bay Islander. “Mental Health and suicide are sensitive issues that need to be addressed in a positive way. “That’s why I have brought attention to the situation via the State Government Mental Health Matters in my section of the August Friendly Bay Islander,” she said. Kim says in Mental Health Matters: “Your mental wellbeing is the unique way that you handle your emotions, respond to stress, and also handle your general outlook on life. “Having a healthy sense of mental well-being has many benefits. “It lifts your mood, promotes resilience in difficult situations and helps you get the most out of life. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or how you’re feeling; taking a few moments for yourself each day will help you be a happier and more resilient ‘you’. Kim then offers a number of pointers to aid the self-enhancement process. • GET HEALTHY: Be active, eat well and get enough sleep. • KEEP LEARNING: Challenge your mind and seek out new things. • SHOW KINDNESS: Give back; show gratitude and bring joy to others. • CONNECT MORE: Develop relationships, stay connected & care for each other. • TAKE NOTICE: Be mindful, stay in the moment, experience the world around you. • EMBRACE NATURE: Step outside, connect with nature & care for the planet. VISIT:

• Kim Richards felling good about Santa Claus at Christmas in July at the Lamb Island Recreation Club.

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