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Queensland’s cheapest housing

Herald Sun identifies our islands as Queensland’s cheapest housing

Our Southern Moreton Bay Islands have been ‘identified’ as providing the ‘cheapest housing’ in Brisbane, and perhaps the cheapest in Queensland.

And the story in the Herald Sun is likely to spark a massive housing interest in our islands.

The story claims that houses under $600,000 in Brisbane have halved in just four years.

“Now there are just five ‘suburbs’ across Brisbane with median house values below $600,000.”

Then the story goes on to surprisingly name Russell, Lamb and Macleay Islands as three of the four ’suburbs’ of Brisbane, which will be somewhat of a ‘shock’ to island residents.

The other suburb named in Rocklea.

Apparently the data has come via the PropTrack Affordability Hotspots 2024.

It seems our islands are included in the data because of the ‘classification’ of our islands by the Queensland State Government as being ‘attached’ to Brisbane and classed as ‘metropolitan’.

It is an issue that many islanders, particularly your Friendly Bay Islander, regards as wrong and unfair.

Most believe a classification of ‘regional’ or ‘remote’ would be more appropriate.

Those classifications would allow our islands to qualify for ‘special’ grants and funding that are currently not available to the islands.

The Herald Sun story clearly identifies our islands as ‘areas of interest’ for new home owners and investors.

Real Estate experts believe we could see a huge upturn in the island real estate industry.

A keen island real estate observers know, houses can still be purchased in the low $300,000’s and even lower.

One of the most recent sales was for $250,000 for a property in southern Russell Island.

The upshot of this scrutiny and interest is that island house and land prices may be in for ‘surge’ in the near future.

• The item in the Herald Sun



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