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THREE GENERATIONS CONTRIBUTING TO BUILDING OUR BAY ISLANDS VIA QUINN PLUMBNG, DRAINAGE & GAS One advertiser has been in every edition of your Friendly Bay Islander from when we started exactly 12 years ago. It is Quinn Plumbing, based on Macleay Island. Their island business is unique. It one of the longest established operating, continual island businesses. To say Quinn’s Plumbing has played a major part in the continual positive growth of our islands, is an understatement. Literally hundreds of island homes have benefitted from the skill of service that was developed on our islands since 1993 by Gordon and Helen Quinn. Plumbing plays a vital role in the successful operation of our islands, particularly because every home has its own septic and sewerage system. More than any other trade or service, plumbing on our islands plays a role in the successful operation of our environment. For 31 years Quinn plumbing has been at the forefront of its industry. Gordon and Helen Quinn moved here way back in 1993. Gordon had been brought to the island by then island builders John Rybinski and Tony Densley, along with Tom Robinson. “I liked it so much, we moved with my young family from the Gold Coast,” Gordon Quinn recalls. Originally from Sawtell just south of Coffs Harbour, Gordon and Helen settled into island life quickly, first renting a home in Beelong Street. Not long after, an opportunity was offered to purchase the home they now still live in today at the bottom of Cathy Street, Macleay Island with absolute stunning water views across to North Stradbroke Island. Sons Jason and Troy were still in school way back then, and soon joined dad Gordon in the family business. Troy went on to leave the business and join the police force and is now a Sergeant in the Queensland Police Service. Jason stayed with dad in the business and started his own family, producing sons Ethan and Riley with wife Emily. Quinn Plumbing Service grew step by step with the islands and Jason has seen the plumbing industry transform from copper to plastics, with Jason encouraging dad Gordon to new directions. Grandsons Ethan and Riley joined as apprentices, with Ethan following uncle Troy to new directions. Riley Quinn is the third generation active family member still involved in the business. Ironically, in recent weeks Gordon Quinn (77) finally decided to hang up his ’shingle’, and Jason Quinn is now the owner/operator of a newly named family business Quinn Plumbing Drainage and Gas. Jason and Gordon have seen huge changes in housing styles, design and building materials. “Island homes today are bigger, more modern with huge upgrades in technology and outcomes,” Jason Quinn said. Because every home has to have its own independent sewage system, it is no surprise that Quinn Plumbing, Drainage and Gas have the exclusive FujiClean treatment plants, a world leader in wastewater treatment technology. With Jason and Riley now driving Quinn Plumbing Drainage and Gas, a whole new generation of island homes will benefit from the amazing Quinn family island knowledge and experience. And it has been recognition that has been well earned and fully deserved.

• The three active generations of Quinn Plumbing, Drainage and Gas, Jason, Gordon and Riley Quinn.



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