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Sailing SV Delos, Brian and his partner Kazza (and recently their daughter Sierra) have been sailing and traveling around the entire globe for the last 15 years. 

After sailing approximately 85,000 nautical miles across six continents and 50 countries they have finally decided it was time for an upgrade – Delos 2.0

After meeting Dan Schofield – a metal fabricator and the owner of Stradbroke Yachts located at Redland City Marina through a Facebook Group ‘DIY Catamarans’ and seeing his work for the first time, Brian and Kazza realised it was exactly what they have been looking for all this time. 

Their travels until now, have been in their original mono hull Delos.

The design of Delos 2.0 is an advanced catamaran which so happens to be a replication of architectural drawings created by David de Villier, a naval architect from New Zealand. 

And after seeing a dynamic collaboration between New Zealand brilliance and Australian craftsmanship – Brian and Kazza fell in love.

When the pair were looking at building their dream expeditionary-style boat, they wanted to have a high level of involvement and document the process of building their ‘home at sea’. 

Considering they were upgrading from small monohull yacht to a 53ft catamaran, being involved in the building process was important not only for the memories but the learning process as well.

Stradbroke Yachts is located within Redland City Marina premises in Thornlands, which is well known to many island ‘boaties’. 

With an aim to bring a modern edge to a classic material, Stradbroke Yachts revolutionises the world’s perception on aluminium sailing yachts, designing their vessels for both strength and speed.

The big new catamaran Delos 2.0 emphasises all aluminium construction, a gigantic solar array, integrated rainwater collection, proven and reliable systems, low maintenance exterior, and is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate cruising platform.  

The design will also incorporate a fully hybrid propulsion system.  

One hull will contain a NANNI N4.80 diesel engine with a belt driven 25KW electric motor, where the other hull will be purely electric with a 25KW electric motor.  

This configuration, along with a unique mechanical clutch will allow Brian and Kazza to run under diesel power, diesel power + electric power (hybrid arrangement), or pure electric power.  

In addition, both electric motors can act as regeneration units to replenish the batteries under sail as well.  

The clutch system will be able to disengage the propellor shaft and run the diesel engine coupled to the electric motor as a giant DC generator at anchor.

There is no better place to execute a project like Delos 2.0 than Redland City Marina. With access to world class slipping facilities as well as the largest chandlery in the Redlands, Dan and his team have everything at their disposal.  

This large boat hub consists of small to medium-sized businesses specialising in refits, general maintenance, and new builds. 

The variety of our offerings caters to marine enthusiasts on the Redlands Coast, providing convenience and a comprehensive selection of boating supplies and marine chandlery. 

We take pride in stocking top brands, creating a treasure trove of boating supplies. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist with special orders, ensuring every need is met with expertise and efficiency.



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