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$40 MILLION REDLANDS SATELLITE HOSPITAL TO BE PART OF WEINAM CREEK MASTER PLAN The new $40 million satellite hospital at Weinam Creek is definitely going ahead. This is despite deliberate disinformation being perpetrated by some on the islands who have a negative agenda. Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, announced the Satellite Hospital alongside Minister for Health and Deputy Premier, Stephen Miles, prior to the recent State election. Others have tried to ‘debunk’ the pre-election promise and have been slapped down by Kim Richards. “It is a disgraceful thing to do to put on mis-information like that. “Such actions are to be deplored,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander. The Member for Redland went on to explain that a considerable amount of work had to be done in negotiation with the Redland Investment Corporation, a Redland City Council owned subsidiary. “The corporation is responsible for the development of the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area, so it was essential to have the Redland Satellite Hospital as part of that Master Plan area. “This has taken some time, but I am happy to say that the hospital will be a vital part of the Priority Development area; adding substance and quality to the project.” Kim Richards said the satellite hospital would be integral to the success of the new-look Weinam Creek, and it would be of huge benefit to the people of the Southern Bay Islands. “This will be a very convenient new form of hospital that will be vital to the islands community. “I am really excited where this is headed.” The Member for Redlands said the timing of the hospital development would be ‘in step’ with the overall development and completion of the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area.

• An architect’s image of the Redlands Satellite Hospital at Weinam Creek.



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