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OPEN DAY! REDLANDS SATELLITE HOSPITAL OPEN DAY Saturday AUGUST 19 The new Redlands Satellite Hospital is set to open this month of August. State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, wants the island community to join in on Saturday 19 August at 10am to 1pm for a Community Open Day. She has been joined by the hospital’s first ever employee, nurse unit manager Michelle Mcdonnell, in inviting the Redlands and island communities to the big day. There will be tours of the new facility so we can all learn about our new $43.8 million Redlands Satellite Hospital. There will also be an opportunity to meet and greet staff. The Redlands Satellite Hospital, is located at Meissner Street, Redland Bay, and is within the Weinam Creek PDA area. The new Satellite Hospital is a day visit medical facility only. It is a clever concept by the Queensland State Government to take the pressure ‘off’ existing hospital emergency services. The new hospital includes a Minor Injury and Illness Clinic which will be open to patients seven days a week from 8am until 10pm. Appointments with Queensland Health clinicians will be available in consult and treatment rooms for services including neurology, cardiology, older persons care, wound care, musculoskeletal, allied health, and mental health services. The Redlands Satellite Hospital will provide a range of convenient specialist services including chemotherapy and kidney dialysis treatment.

• Queensland Health executives, Michelle Mcdonnell, Gregory Nolan, Penelope Cecil with MP Kim Richards . . . excited for the open day.

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