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A turtle became ensnared on the Macleay Island foreshore recently.

The beautiful creatures are prevalent in our marine park waterways, and this one was in extreme difficulty.

Thanks to the efforts of some locals who saw the beautiful marine creature in trouble. They went to its rescue.

The turtle was tangled up in a rope that had been tied to a crab pot.

It is not known how long the poor creature had been entangled.

Anyway, one local in particular used a small blow-up craft to reach the turtle and then jumped into the water adjacent to the barge ramp and wharf area on Macleay and, after some difficulty, finally freed our beleaguered friend.

He brought him up onto the boat ramp and checked him out, with others coming to his aid.

There was some damage to the turtle’s flippers caused by his attempts to free himself from the entanglement.

The rescuers also contacted the volunteer coastguard who came across to Macleay and picked the turtle up and transported him to the SeaWorld Rescue Team on the mainland.

We checked with Seaworld and they gave us an update with veterinarian Claire telling us that our turtle has been named ‘Manu’ and that he is a male.

The marine reptile sustained a constrictive injury to one limb.

“Manu is doing really well now, after some early concerns for the damaged limb.

“At one stage I thought we may have to amputate, but fortunately after some rest and food, circulation improved to the damaged area.’

Claire said Manu would stay at Seaworld for some time until our turtle is ready for a safe release.

After treatment, he was released into the Seaworld rehab pool to recuperate.

Thanks to Demi Isaacs and Kim Richards for information and pictures re this story.

And thanks too, to the locals who performed the rescue.

To the gentleman who jumped in and freed the turtle, please contact us here at The Friendly Bay Islander.

Here are some phone numbers if you ever encounter a similar situation involving marine life and wildlife:

LOCAL WILDLIFE CARER: 0407 771 330; SEAWORLD: 0408 767 885; MORETON BAY MARINE PARK RANGER 0427 753 683.

• Working to free Manu



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