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ISLAND ‘GREEN SEAL’ PROGRAM BACK ON TRACK AFTER YEAR LAYOFF The island Green Seal program is back on track after a 12 month hiatus due to Redland City Council budget requirements. The road sealing program for 2022-23 was suspended due to council major contribution to the $47 million island jetty renewal program, in partnership with the Queensland State Government. With that program now almost accounted for, council was able to re-start the road sealing in the latest 2023-24 council budget. Cr Mark Edwards announced the re-start in another story in this edition in explaining this year’s council budget in some detail. He explains that Ray Street is not the only street to be sealed in this year’s budget. He says: “a couple of million dollars” has been allocated to seal the following streets: MACLEAY ISLAND: Ilya Street from Kate Street to 28 Beelong Street, Kardinia Street to Ilya Street, Aruma Street, Garnet Street (Coast Road to number 20), Daku Court, Bahah Street, Allambie Street, Coran Street, Peter Court, Jordan Street, Frenchem Terrace, Lonicera Street, Thomas Street, Donald Street, Barry Street, Con Street, Columbia Street, Percival Street, Cowes Street, Heath Street. RUSSELL ISLAND: The Boulevard, Crescent Drive, Catamaran Street, Trimaran Street, Aranda Street, Baguette Street, Tails Street, Gunsynd Street, Todman Street, Tulloch Street, Alstonia Street, Aralia Street, Ellis Street, Richardson Street and Kift Street. Cr Edwards added: “I’d like to place some caveats around this list based on some past experience. “Sometimes streets around those being sealed that have not been mentioned may be sealed if it is cost effective to do at the same time whilst the crews are there and they have extra materials. “They may be short streets with few houses. “Also I have seen in the past that a street that is listed for sealing is not sealed in that financial year when an unexpected issue arises that requires more funding. “This happened to a street on Macleay several years ago. but was sealed the following year with more budget allocated.”

• Cr Mark Edwards and a recent island ‘green seal’ road.



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