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ISLAND ROAD SEAL PROGRAM RE-START Russell islanders will be pleased that Redland City Council has re-started the island ‘Green Seal’ road program, following a ‘hiatus’ caused by investment in the island jetty program last financial year. it is not known exactly when the sealing team gets to Russell Island, as Macleay Island’s roads are also included in this year’s budget program. The Russell Island streets listed for sealing this year are: The Boulevard, Crescent Drive, Catamaran Street, Trimaran Street, Aranda Street, Baguette Street, Tails Street, Gunsynd Street, Todman Street, Tulloch Street, Alstonia Street, Aralia Street, Ellis Street, Richardson Street and Kift Street. There may be some ‘variances’ to this program based on some past experiences. Sometimes streets around those being sealed that have not been mentioned may be sealed if it is cost effective to do at the same time whilst the crews are there and they have extra materials. RUSSELL TOILET ISSUES

The island toilet issues in the CBD area of Russell Island are in crisis. With damage to the new toilets at the new jetty terminal has compounded the situation. With no public toilets at the Russell Island Shopping Centre and Redland City Council closing down the public toilets adjacent to the Russell Island Recreation Hall, the island toilet situation is an utter debacle. DAMAGE AGAIN TO NEW TOILET BLOCK The new toilet block down at the Russell Island jetty terminal, is wonderful, in theory. If only they were operational. Why some islanders think it is smart or funny to damage these important island facilities, is beyond reasoning. This is not the first time these new toilets have been damaged by vandals. One of the toilets has been out of commission for nearly two weeks while the damage had to be assessed and fixed. The sign in the accompanying picture has been in place, whilst the work is carried out. Toilets in that area of the island are at a premium, and Iilanders who care need to keep an eye out and report any suspicious circumstances or happenings. BICS FATHER’DAY FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE The Bay Island Community Services are recognising dads with a FREE sausage sizzle to be held on Saturday, September 2nd at the Saturday Markets at the BICS complex on 55 Jackson Road, Russell Island. The markets on the day are a great reason to visit Russell Island for the morning. There will also be a big raffle held and drawn on the day. It will be a lot of fun and a special day for dads in particular! BIG FATHER’S DAY AT RUSSELL BOWLS CLUB The place to go on Father’s Day will be the Russell Island Bowls Club. The Bowls Curlew Kitchen has come up with a great Father’s Day menu that will be really enjoyed. It is $40 per person and the menu is a great one. You can choose from cheese pizza bread and chicken wings, reef and beef, smoked pork ribs and sweets such as boysenberry ice cream and chocolate flakes, chocolate obsession and chocolate fondant cake. Someone really likes chocolate at the Bowls! Bookings are preferred and it all happens on Sunday, September 3rd at the Russell Island Bowls Club. WOOLLEY FAMILY ‘THANK YOU’

The Woolley family would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and condolences after the loss of their son Woolley, friend and partner. Special thanks to the Russell Island Bowls Club and Aunty Alice's. There are too many more names to mention, but every one of them was a cherished gift. The Woolley family are having a tribute for Wooley on the 30/9/23. Please contact any of the Woolley family by the 18/9/23 if you wish to attend, or on 0407720030. Thank you.



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