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RSL CLUB TO RE-OPEN! The Russell Island RSL Club is to re-open on Friday, August 5. The doors of the club have been closed since it was shut down in the December lead-up to Christmas 2021, by an earlier sub branch administration. The a new sub branch committee, has worked diligently in recent weeks,to come up with a plan to re-open the once successful and popular island club. After satisfactory negotiations with the Returned and Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch) South Eastern Division Ltd , the club has been able to address its major issues to allow for a re-opening. It is a brilliant outcome for the sub branch, the club and the islands. It is believed the sub branch board and volunteers will run the club in its renewed infancy and is hoping for some substantial support from the island community. See you there!

RSL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS, WORKERS The re-opening RSL Club is looking for volunteers and experienced paid workers. Sub Branch President Keith Velleman says: “We are looking for volunteers, and if anyone can assist in this regard, the club would like to hear from you. Also there will be some employment opportunities for people who have the right qualifications such as RSA/RSG certificates. They are needed for bar and gaming staff. All initial positions will be casual. If you are interested in these positions, you may send your resume to: BIG NIGHT AT THE BOWLS CLUB The Russell Island Bowls Club has a big night planned for Saturday, August 20. We’re not quite sure what it is about, but it is called Bernies’ Bevu of Beauties, so we thought perhaps it meant Bevvy of Beauties? Anyway, the information follows with ‘Who was that Sheila I saw you with last night?’ What this all means we don’t quite know but it has certainly tickled some interest. It starts at 7.30pm at the club on the 20th and admission is FREE! We are told ‘you won’t be disappointed’. TRAVIS KNOCKED OVER BY THE RESPONSE As you may have noticed from our July edition, Island IT specialist Travis Place, has started a new car key business to match his extensive IT skills. It is called SMBI Car Key. Anyway, Travis placed a full page advertisement last month but wasn’t prepared to the inundation of calls for his services. “They came flooding in at the same time as I caught a dose of the flu. It was pretty ‘hairy’ for a few days and I put people off whilst I got a little better. Fortunately that did happen and Travis got stuck into catching up with his many new clients. There is no doubt about it, The Friendly Bay Islander is the way to go if you want get a message across!” To find out more, you can contact Travis and SMBI Car Key on 0420 465 863. COUNCIL ISLAND AMENITIES IN DISREPAIR While we are at it, Travis Place, has a problem with Redland City Council. A few weeks ago he and his family were utilising the tennis and basketball courts on the island, teaching one of his children how to ride a bike. Whilst there, he noticed the poor state of the tennis court surface and the deteriorating backboards to the basketball rings. The backboard was breaking away with each contact with a basketball and the markings on the tennis court were badly depleted. As a result, he decided to do something about it. He sent off a complaint about the condition of the council island facility to several points of contact at council including complaints and city venues. He also cc’d in Cr Mark Edwards and others on the political spectrum,. To this day, he has not received a ‘reply’ from anyone at council, or from any of the areas he sent his complaint to, save for Cr Mark Edwards. “The councillor contacted me, but he was the only one. I was surprised and disappointed that not one section of council bureaucracy has replied or contacted me. The management of council facilities on our islands is clearly a concern. Why isn’t someone at council made responsible for managing this form of communication?” Travis Place asked. We will let you know if things change in the coming weeks?! THE JETTY’S GETTING THERE As you can see when catching a ferry on Russell Island, progress is now rapidly being made on the new Russell Island jetty. When completed, it definitely will be an impressive structure. The roof has now been fitted to the frame, and large concrete pumps have been in place pouring the deck to the long and wide expansive walkways. If the recent good weather hangs around for a while, it is likely the new Russell Island jetty will be ready for an opening around October. We shall continue watch with considerable interest.

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