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STEPS GRAFFITI To those who decided to graffiti on the steps just up from the ferry leading to the Russell Island Recreation Hall: look up and check out the cameras that were looking down on you! Expect a visit from the constabulary some time soon! THE BIG FLOAT OUT It was to be a military precision from a company that knows what it is doing. The first of the new island jetties was to be floated out on one of the last days of April in a major operation from Thornlands to Russell Island. We’re not sure if it happened on that date because we were going to press, but islanders were expected to be out and about in boats and on the foreshore to see the intricate process. The contractors, The Jetty Specialists, were selecting special high tides to make sure it had the best time and process for the big procedure to be carried out. A tug boat , we believe, was to handle most of the process with plenty of other craft on hand to aid the process. The entire move was designed to be as simple as possible. The Jetty Specialists built the huge jetties at their Sunshine Coast factory; moved them to Thornlands and the foreshore for superstructure work to be carried out before floating the whole thing out on the high tide of April 29. Fortunately, it all went smoothly and was a precursor to similar events in the coming months to Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra islands. The later moves will have no effect on the finishing date for the new Russell Island jetty and terminal and the other terminals. The Russell jetty will be open for use probably around the start of Spring. The entire project for all the islands is scheduled to be completed by mid 2023. LIGHT UP MY ISLAND LANTERN WORKSHOPS The Light Up My Island now annual BIMSARA event is to be held on Saturday 18th June 2022 4.30 pm - 9pm. And to make sure there will be some wonderful lanterns again this year, Lantern Making Workshops, with all materials supplied, are now being held in the lead-up to the big event. All are welcome to attend and start working on your lanterns. The dates for the workshops are: 28 April Thursday 4-6pm at the Rec Hall Russell Island near the jetty; 12 May Thursday 4-6pm at the Rec Hall Russell Island; 21 May , Saturday 2-4pm at the Hub Russell Island Sports Fields Union Street; 18 June Saturday 4.30-9pm at the Hub Russell Island Sports Fields Union Street. Thank you to our valued sponsors for supporting these workshops:

  • Don Frost Russell Island Pharmacy

  • State MP Kim Richards

  • RI Sports Fishing Club

  • Friendly Bay Islander Magazine

Inquiries Phone Nev 0455239368 RUSSELL MARKETS CHANGE The Hideway Markets on Russell Island are no more. Sandy Elliott has recently handed over the reins of the markets to Dee Robert. So it is no surprise that the new markets will be known as the Robert Street Market. Sandy is handing over the markets at an important time. ‘I have taken them as far as I can, and I now want to pursue some other endeavours. One of these endeavours is the annual Spring Festival that is held each year on Russell Island. Dee, on the other hand, has some great plans for the Robert Street Market. They will continue to be held in the lovely grounds at The Farm adjacent to the Russell Island Community Arts Centre. Dee Robert has been involved with the Market for some time, operating the Russell Island Soapery. A resident of the island for the past 15 years, she understands the island community and the market industry. “I have plans to grow the market and take it in some exciting new directions,” Dee told The Friendly Bay Islander. One area she hopes to progress is in the area of food, and island food in particular. She would like to hear from anyone who has some ideas and would like to introduce some new foods to the islands. If you would like to get in touch with Dee you may phone her on 0466 330 477. KINGA CANVAS AND GLASS Well known Russell Island artist Kinga Rypinska will be holding her latest exhibition at the RICARTS The Farm Art House and Gallery starting Friday, May 6. The exhibition will get underway with an official opening at 6pm on Friday May 6 and the exhibition will run until May 22. One thing we know already about this exhibition: It will definitely be ‘colourful’. Kinga loves colour and we know she loves painting the colourful bird wildlife of Australia. The exhibition is called Canvas and Glass; that’s because she will paint on just about any surface. The RICARTS The Farm Art House and Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm.



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