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PRIVATE CAR PARK GETS AOK, FINALLY! The new private and secure car park for Russell Island, has finally been approved by Redland City Council. In what was hoped would be a fairly quick time frame, but in the end, the process has taken more than six months. Fortunately, there is considerable interest in the private and secure car parking project, and many islanders have already expressed their interest.It is to be called Island Secure Parking and will play a pivotal role on an island where car parking near the new island jetty is paramount. No matter what Redland City Council produces with its new car park area on Russell Island, there will still be a huge shortfall in car parking. Island Secure Parking will be developed with a similar time-frame and will initially make available 27 secure parking spots behind security fencing that will be monitored 24 hours a day. Island Secure Parking is located at 2 Fernbrook Ave, at the top of Alison Crescent, via a direct entry to the site from Alison Crescent. The project is currently before Redland City Council and it is hoped approvals will see Island Secure Parking up and running before the end of this year. Island Secure Parking will be fully fenced by high secure fencing. There are 27 spaces only and the entire site will be monitored by 24 hour security cameras. Entry will be gained via security gates at the top of Alison Crescent providing automatic entry for members only. To EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST please phone 0414517 or go to E: FINALLY, TOILET BLOCK COMPLETED It has taken a while, but the toilet block at the entrance to the new Canaipa/Russell Island Jetty is finally completed (we hope). The finally completed complex is a relief to many. Officially the whole island jetty terminal was to be completed and ‘officially opened’ in April. That didn’t happen, and we don’t really know if an actual ‘offical opening’ will actually eventuate. COUNCIL CAR PARK A SLOW PROCESS On the subject of car parks, the council car parks being currently developed adjacent to the new jetty terminal, is progressing, but oh so slowly. Finally the first stage has finally been completed, and work we presume will soon start on Stage 2, obviously next to the current Stage 1. There are four stages in the car park project. By the time it is completed, there will be approximately 160 designated car spaces in the total area. This, however, will be no ‘quick fix’ for island car parking. At any given time on Canaipa/Russell Island there are 400 cars that require regular parking spots within 300 metres of the new jetty terminal. With a rapidly increasing island population, that number will continue to rapidly increase. The new private car park that is planned at the top of Alison Street will help somewhat, but get used to it: car parking is always going to be an issue not only on the island, but on all the islands and at Weinam Creek, and Toondah Harbour as well. LIONS PARK BOOST Go and check out the fantastic children’s park at the southern end of the Russell/Canaipa Island. Lions Park has been transformed with a wonderful pirate-themed amenity. Island children will love it. Put a bandana around their head and an eye patch and they can pretend they are sailing the high seas with Captain Hook, Captain Blood, and Long John Silver. It looks fantastic. What makes the area really great is that an accompanying covered family table set up has been added. It is a beautiful concept in a brilliant water-side location. Perfect for island families to enjoy! MORE RUSSELL POLICE? This edition has a story that calls for more police on Russell Island. Considerable and continuing population growth as well as changing island behaviour that started with Covid 19 pandemic isolation are believed to be factors in the need for more police. With Russell Island heading for 5000 in population, it is suggested that the island deserves to be upgraded to an eight-person police station. Whether that happens or not, remains to be seen, but the argument has been forcefully made for more police. As the saying goes, the more police; the less crime! MAJOR CLUB RENOVATION ANNOUNCED The Russell Island Bowls Club seems to be headed in some exciting new directions. Manager Deborah Gatenby has been working for some time on plans for a totally new club. Experts have been brought in who specialise in the club industry to help design a totally new club that will be based on community involvement. This could also mean a new name for the club, again with the community in mind. The new plans would mean a totally new club would be built up on road level, that would spread out over the top of the existing club with outdoor beer garden and outdoor eating. At a later date, a function room extension would be added. The cost of the entire project could be in the vicinity of $5 million. The club hopes funding could be obtained from grants and some levels of loan structures. Check the full story in this edition of your Friendly Bay Islander. AND, IGA AS WELL The Supa IGA on Russell Island is also set for a major renovation. You will see work being carried out in various areas of the supermarket in the coming days and weeks. New areas and being added and others improved and expanded. A bakery is also being added. Read the extensive story on page 18 of this edition.



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