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The ‘newest’ business on the islands, Russell Tucker, is being forced to close down just weeks after opening it’s boutique food operation.

James Thomson sought and received approval from Redland City Council prior to opening just two months ago.

He received permission to open his Russell Tucker via his specialised van from his own property in Chanel Street, Russell Island.

James was a little unprepared for what happened next.

The business became a success almost at once.

“People liked our affordable coffee and range of takeaway meals,” James told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The ‘Pop Up’ businesses was flourishing, focusing on a possible new direction for business on our unique islands.

However, with its popularity, Russell Tucker also became a ‘target’ for complaints over street parking.

James was unprepared for the huge response and the parking issues that followed.

He did his best to ‘control’ it by producing information leaflets encouraging his clientele to park correctly out the front of his premises.

Complaints from ‘some island residents’ on the islands were made to Redland City Council.

Council inspectors came out to see what was happening.

James Thomson then received a notification from council ‘revoking’ his permit which, to many of James’ supporters, seemed ‘unfair’ just weeks after his opening.

Council then offered an ‘alternative’ that would have involved a ‘material change of use’ application as well as the construction of an expensive car parking area and restrictions on numbers.

All would have severely impacted the financial capability of the business.

Since then, it has been suggested that a Notice of Motion to Redland City Council could see an ‘adjustment’ to the regulations in regarding boutique trading on the islands, perhaps allowing trading at ‘fixed’ sites. Moveable facilities may currently trade in declared public spaces, with a number already up and about.

If not,James Thomson says he will close the business permanently.

He knows he could have moved his popular Russell Tucker to other approved locations on the islands, but admits he is not ‘set up’ that way.

• Jim Thomson behind the counter when LNP Leader David Crisafulli and LNP Redlands candidate Rebecca Young recently visited Russell Tucker



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