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WEINAM CREEK SATELLITE HOSPITAL BUILD IN FINAL STAGES The new Redland Bay Satellite Hospital is in its final stages of construction. With the inaugural site preparation completed a year ago followed by the major slab pour, the builders, Hutchinsons, have progressed significantly with the rest of the build. So much so that the exterior is looking almost complete. Members for Redlands, Kim Richards, says the hospital build is well on track and has been aided with some recent fine weather. “I expect it won’t be too long before work starts on the interior of the project,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander. The satellite hospital has been strategically placed by the Queensland State Government in the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area (PDA) to ensure health services closer to home for our island communities and a growing southern Redland region. Kim Richards says the satellite hospital project has been built quickly because it has been ‘prioritised’. The site was previously the Meissner Street car park and people using this car park have been redirected to the new and adjacent Moore Street car park. The Queensland Government undertook a land exchange with Redland City Council for the site with the carpark land in front of the Redland Bay Marina. In late 2020 an additional 500 car parks were made available at the newly created Moore’s Road car park, only a short walk via the walkway bridge to the Marina Ferry Terminal. Kim Richards says the satellite hospital will prove invaluable to the residents of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands providing vital services in renal dialysis, chemotherapy, wound management and more. She also says the purpose-built small hospital will take ‘considerable pressure’ off Redland Hospital. The hospital has been scheduled for opening by mid 2023. The satellite hospital concept is an Australian first and Redland Bay is set to be the first for completion. When completed, it will be the first piece of significant infrastructure in the Weinam Creek PDA area and a catalyst for Redland City Council to drive the precinct's transformation. Redland City Council is undertaking works soon in relation to the internal road system, which is key to transformation of the Weinam Creek precinct.

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