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This is an important election for our city, and particularly for our Island communities. One of the things that makes our city so unique is our Southern Moreton Bay Islands, and while there is a lot to celebrate about our SMBI’s and their communities, there are some incredible challenges too. We seem to deal with issues with an ‘on island’ or ‘on mainland’ mindset, and I think it’s time to focus on being more holistic in the way we work through issues. Among the challenges, the stand out seems to be parking, and in my many visits to the Islands, I have listened to some disheartening experiences. I am committed to working with the required stakeholders and levels of government to ensure adequate parking is provided, that the required state investment is investigated and secured, and that our community has safe and secure protection of their personal assets. I am also committed to continuing to advocate for the reinstatement of regional status to our islands by the State and Federal governments so that we are entitled to regional infrastructure grants and funding.  I am encouraged by the positivity and tenacity of our island communities and I look forward to continuing to work towards positive outcomes.  


It’s time for real change, it’s time for a council we can trust.  I am a Redland resident who is tired of handing over the highest rates every quarter while feeling like I am being ripped off.  I have had extensive career experience and have decided to help our community get better value for our rates and the infrastructure, maintenance and services we desperately need. I’m a former nationally accredited mediator, local government manager, company co-founder and director, police officer, trainer and police prosecutor.  I want to reinstate trust and transparency in our council.  It’s what our community has been calling for loudly.  Over the last 14 months I have made over 35 visits to SMBI in order to listen to community and business issues to get a good understanding of life on the islands. Leading Change team members have come to SMBI to meet locals and Division 5 candidate Hilton Travis, who has lived on Macleay Island for over 6 years.  We have done this to ensure a new council has a real understanding of SMBI. The community has called for transparency, integrity and genuine community engagement. Residents want proactive planning, responsible expenditure and a focus on actual project delivery.  That’s what we intend to deliver.


A small city needs a strong and experienced Redland Mayor to ensure governments deliver locally. My two decades and six undefeated elections transitioned the City and our islands to the safest Federal electorate in greater Brisbane by four-laning major roads, being available 24/7, and having no fear taking on underperforming politicians. My priorities are Crime, Congestion, Cost of Living, Chaos at Redland Hospital, Contesting Native Title claims and Olympic venues. Mayors influence these with CCTV, live response rooms, minimising rates, and charges, accelerating State and local road upgrades, forcing clinical upgrades at Redland Hospital, and sorting parking. I want North Straddie to be ready for the world in 2032. I want all our islands to receive their fair share. That requires leadership to pull the City in the same direction, in areas like Olympic venues and town centre revitalisation. I know the private sector is a key partner for Council. I am fiercely independent and both major parties know that. I have refused developer donations for a decade, and am no longer a political party member. Unlike other candidates, Redlanders know my background and achievements. I intend to continue my FIFO Eye surgery work a couple of days a month, because it can be scheduled around Council commitments. I don’t need a team or ticket; my team will be the ten Councillors locals elect on March 16. I can't wait to get to work.



After 4 years in the Chamber of Commerce assisting small businesses and local residents in dealing with Council, seeing the waste and mismanagement and lack of vision, Shane wants to use his professional skills to refocus Council on doing things with, not to, our community. Shane is the only independent candidate and the only candidate to have put real policies on his website and social media, including: Reducing Council waste and voting no to salary increases for mayor and councillors; Committing to 2200+ free parking spaces at Weinam Creek; Expanding and aligning the green sealing program with community priorities; Improving island parking and transport; Supporting and fighting to maintain our early childcare centre; Protecting habitat trees; Fighting for reliable mobile phone coverage across the islands; Restoring SMBI classification as a Regional area, re-opening funding opportunities; Calling-out the infrastructure needed to support population growth; Zoning to improve our village centres; Minimising risk and incidents of blackouts through a better tree management program; Planning recreational spaces and sporting facilities on Macleay Island; Accessing foreshore areas with improved walking and cycle paths; Lighting, CCTV and security for safety. Shane has the skills and experience to get things done! He’s our Loudest Voice.


It’s time for positive change in SMBI, Redland Bay and right across the Redlands. For years we’ve had loud voices claiming they will bring all sort of changes, yet the results have not lived up to these loud claims.  What we need is a strong, effective voice that can work well with others to bring true, positive change. Hilton Travis has been active and effective across the community for over six years not only with our young families and children, but also with our older people, people with disability, people with mental health and other health conditions, people in housing stress or who have been homeless, and many local businesses and service providers. The regular SMBI Community Hubs, where many Service Providers from various sectors attend so our community members can meet them, ask questions, sign up for and receive the services we need have been run by both Hilton and Q Shelter for close to 2 years now – a very positive change in access to services for our community. Hilton will work with Council to continue his positive work advocating for our community, addressing issues such as parking, toilets, bins, roads and footpaths, in a cooperative and effective way.



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