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The Redland City State Emergency Services (SES) Unit is calling for more volunteers to support the community during significant weather events, natural disasters and other activities. Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Chair Karen Williams said it was important to have boots on the ground ahead of an emergency situation. “The SES performs crucial work, using their training and teamwork to help the community in difficult times and reducing the potential for greater damage to property and infrastructure,” Cr Williams said. “Redland City SES members are well known for their commitment to the community and are regularly recognised for their dedication through annual statewide and national SES awards. “Without the commitment of these hard-working volunteers, the Redlands Coast recovery time after extreme weather events and disasters would be considerably longer. “We see our volunteers as community heroes, the people who give up their time to help keep their communities safe no matter what nature has in store for us.” Redland City SES Unit Deputy Local Controller Diane Vandermeer said while the unit was recruiting across the city, it was targeting specific areas. “The unit currently has around 130 members working across a range of voluntary roles, and we’re keen to increase our volunteer membership on North Stradbroke Island/Minjerribah, the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Redland Bay and Cleveland,” Mrs Vandermeer said. “There are plenty of different jobs and activities that the SES become involved in, everything from storm damage to roofs and fallen trees, flood boat responses, evacuations, first aid, and search and rescue. “There are also non-field roles in administration, community education and operational support that are no less important in responding to different types of disasters and emergencies. “Regardless of their role, members are provided with full training, support and qualifications that both suit their abilities and interests, and give them the skills and knowledge to deal with natural disasters and emergency situations at short notice. “Last year gives a good example, with February 2022 having the largest activation in Redland City history. In one week, the unit took more than 400 calls, which were responded to while continuing to support the community.” To find out more or to join the SES, visit the QFES website.



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