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A chance post on a Macleay Island Facebook group relating to the lack of infrastructure at the local skate park (Macleay Island Community Park) was all the inspiration a handful of Macleay Islanders needed to jump into action.

The aim of the newly formed MI Community Park Working Group is to engage with the community and set about improving the local facilities to better meet the needs of all Macleay Islanders and visitors. 

The Community Park contains a vast open space that is an ideal location to become a community hub, if suitable facilities can be advocated for. 

Many Islanders were extremely frustrated when the new fitness equipment, funded by Council, suddenly appeared in the park with no consultation or notice. 

The Working Group wants to ensure the local community has ample time and ways of contributing their ideas for this project.

The MI Community Park Working Group launched its Facebook page in March and has received a fantastic response. Suggestions so far include a: playground and solar operated water park, sandpit, stepping blocks, fenced dog park, undercover BBQ area with seating, basketball half court, amphitheatre, bike track around the perimeter, and smaller tables for cards and board games. 

The community consultation period will run until 18 April. 

Residents are being asked to contribute by Facebook or email, and to also complete the survey which closes on 19 April. 

A number of posters have been placed around Macleay and the ferry terminals, aiming to generate discussion and ideas for the group to consider.

The Working Group has already reached out to local organisations for support including the SMBI Listeners, SMBI Chamber of Commerce, Macleay Island Progress Association (MIPA), Macleay Islands Lions Club, Aged Care and NDIS providers, Redland City Council, and local candidates Hilton Travis and Shane Rendalls. 

A secondary aim of the project is to provide employment for local businesses at each stage of the project. 

The group expects the largest challenge will be funding the new facilities, however the Working Groups contain three members with a wealth of experience in community development, government, and grant writing. 

The community will be updated once a draft plan is in place. 

The Working Group currently has members Charmaine Stubbs, Geraldine O’Dea, Alissa Brabin, Marieke Janssen, Fern Tree, Sonia Anne Ellem, Naomi Irvin, with support from the SMBI Listeners staff Steff and Amy.

If you wish to contribute your ideas to the Working Group, contact details are provided here

• Local parents and children enjoy the skate park, alongside Working Group members including Susan Pike from Vista.


2 comentários

02 de abr.

The park is awesome for younger kids but they need to add on to it for the older kids like a skate bowl and higher drop ramps


02 de abr.

Large space. BBQ. Their. ✅

Plus sunshade. Play Park.

Do see big groups walk off ferry. Going up to that park eskys. Food Baskets. Big family groups. Prams.

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