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SMART SOLAR BINS TO BE ROLLED OUT CITYWIDE Redland City Council has set aside $365,000 in the 2023-2024 Community Budget to take the successful solar bin trial and roll it out across the entire Redlands Coast. Mayor Karen Williams said the roll-out followed the trial of 10 smart solar compacting rubbish bins at Wellington Point Recreation Reserve. “These 240-litre solar bins can compact up to eight times the standard bin volume while providing valuable data around usage and fullness,” Cr Williams said. “This means fewer collections are necessary as we are notified when the bins are nearing capacity. This in turn results in considerable savings. “The bins are part of a wider operational philosophy at Council, which takes the green economy seriously and we strive to ensure our waste program continues to evolve to be greener, cleaner and more efficient. “This is why we have formed an alliance with Logan and Ipswich councils to develop a regional Material Recovery Facility working towards a sustainable local circular economy with an allocation of nearly $7 million for 2023-2024. “We are also moving to purchase hybrid vehicles for our Council fleet while delivering further initiatives to achieve our green goals across Redlands Coast. “Additionally, the 2023-2024 Budget notes that while we have been hit with increases in the cost of waste disposal and recycling in our city, our recycling and waste centres will continue to remain free to residents.” For more information, see Council’s 2023-2024 Budget webpage.

• The new Solar Bins! AND MORE BINS! HOW TO GET BETTER VALUE ON YOUR BINS The current cost-of-living pressures make it an apt time for households to check they have the right kerbside wheelie bins for their circumstances. Mayor Karen Williams said Redland City Council actively supported households to reduce waste, to recycle well and to maintain a cost-effective recycling service for the whole of Redlands Coast. “As part of this, Council offers a flexible ‘bin menu’ where residents can save money and reduce waste to landfill by getting the right bin set for their home,” Cr Williams said. Some options to get a better bin bundle include:

  • offsetting the cost of a new household green waste bin (mainland only) by down-sizing to a 140-litre red-lid general waste bin when you order;

  • upsize your recycling bin from a 240-litre to a 340-litre for a one-off $32 establishment fee and no additional ongoing costs to your rates; and

  • be rewarded for reducing waste to landfill. If you’re not filling your standard 240-litre general waste bin each week, consider downsizing to a 140-litre waste bin and save on the annual charges. A one-off $32 establishment fee applies.

The establishment fee covers the cost of the bin, delivery fee and administration costs. “With an estimated 16 per cent of recyclables ending up in landfill and a further 30 per cent of garden organics ending up in landfill, Council wants to do everything we can to make sure households have the right bins, and to reduce the costs of waste going to landfill,” Cr Williams said. “We would also encourage tenants to speak to their landlord or estate agent to find out how they could potentially save money and get the right bin sets for their tenants. “Together we can trim our waste-line to make waste management more cost friendly for your budget and to contribute to a more sustainable future for Redlands Coast.” For more information and terms and conditions on bin bundling, phone 07 3829 8999 or order online.



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