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OUR STUNNING WINTER WATERS AND ISLANDS There are many who believe the best time to enjoy our islands is in the season of Winter! Cold nights, clear, sparkling waters, but warm and sunny days make for the most pleasant of winter seasons. Certainly it has been like that in recent weeks, following months of record-breaking rains. If you are a ’boatie’ then the cooler and clearer winter waters are perfect for fishing, and pawning in particular. There have been clusters of boats in brilliant sunshine out throwing their glittering nets into the sparkling Moreton Bay waters. We are not sure how many prawns were caught, but they sure looked like they were enjoying what they were doing! Paddlers, too, have been out in force, with many paddling over to our islands from the mainland. On our islands, deciduous trees have added to the appeal of winter with carpets of autumn and winter leaves in many of our parks and reserves. Enjoying a coffee courtesy of Rosie in the park adjacent to The Farm RICARTS Gallery is a magnificent spot to see some winter splendour.

• Island ‘boaties’ casting for prawns in Moreton Bay between Macleay and Karragarra Islands



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