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Macleay Island’s Suzanne Pike is at it again; beautifying Macleay Island.

Suzanne is a long-time island resident who also happens to be the president of the VISTA group on Macleay.

VISTA was founded on the basis of beautifying various areas of the island that clearly needed some TLC.

The group realised that it was very evident that our islands are in ‘dire need of improvements whether it be infrastructure, facilities, services, streetscapes’.

The are about creating spaces that are appropriate and workable, comfortable and aesthetic for people in both work and leisure. 

It means that VISTA is working with organisations, councils and government departments and private businesses, whilst addressing important island concerns such as roads/drainage/parking/facilities/streetscapes.  

Already the group has developed and improved the Energex Depot site, and the Vista garden in Southsea Terrace, an area that is now termed ‘The Village’. They are about to start work on other sites including an ‘island information’ area on land opposite Pub Paradise, and work on an area adjacent to Spar Supermarket.

Spar Australia is allowing Vista to utilise the frames/board for Community noticeboards. They will incorporate maps showing features on the island including seats, street libraries, parks, the heritage trail etc. The boards location in the centre of the Macleay Village is excellent for access by visitors & locals alike. 

Another group has also been formed to improve and care for the the Macleay Island Skate Park, formed from parents of some of the children who enjoy the facility.

Suzanne Pike is involved with this group as well.

So, it was no surprise when someone was required to beautify and improve the Macleay Island Shopping Village, Suzanne Pike was at the top of the list.

“The owners have asked me to instigate some initiatives to improve and beautify the complex,” Suzanne told The Friendly Bay Islander.

And so, Suzanne has started with the garden area in front of the Macleay Island Post Office.

She donned her gardening gear, a shovel and other gardening implements, and has got stuck into the project.

Some painting and a colour change to the pathways are top follow.

Suzanne is pictured here at work in the garden, thanks to a passing Kitti Schell who took this photo of Suzanne on her knees, digging away.

Suzanne told The Friendly Bay Islander: “ I was happy to take on the task at the shopping village, and I will be joining by VISTA friends on the exciting new projects coming up over the winter months.”

• Suzanne’s latest garden project



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