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'FATHER OF THE ARTS' ON OUR ISLANDS TO HOLD ‘BEST EVER’ EXHIBITION The man we can ‘The Father of the Arts’ on our islands, Ted Upton, is at it again. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his latest and most unique and different carvings for his new one-man exhibition he is about to hold at ‘The Hutch’ in the Willow and Oak complex on Macleay Island. Ted reckons it is his ‘best work yet’ from an artist who carves in a wonderful way, and just happens to be 84 years young. Ted Upton is known for many of his much larger works such as the Totem Poles down at the Macleay Island jetty and at the Macleay Island Progress Hall. This time, the output is completely different, and definitely much smaller, intricate and artistic. Those who know Ted well, also know he has had some health issues of late, particularly via a diagnosis for prostate cancer. It has been a bit of a journey, but we are pleased to report that Ted is now in remission, and dare we say, he looks the best we have seen him in many years. In fact, Ted reckons his journey has inspired him in a way that he has never experienced before. “I am looking at things, and my artwork, from a totally new perspective. “I feel regenerated and I am definitely excited, particularly for this forthcoming exhibition,” Ted told The Friendly Bay Islander. We have seen a glimpse of Ted’s latest works, and we have to say they are utterly ‘exquisite’. Ted is a former Antarctic explorer and team leader of note, and you can see it in some of the works that are going to be on display at ‘The Hutch’ from October 24 to November 9. One of his works actually inspires him that shows two birds in an open cage; one reflective and insular the other open and ‘free’. He says it is a metaphor for how life is for him at the moment; and it is just brilliant to see. Supported by his wonderful long-time partner and fellow artist Linda, and his family animals, Ted is definitely in a ‘special place’. Island and special timbers have been used to produce a beautiful range of artistic pieces, particularly birds, animals, waves and ‘flowing’ themes. Don’t miss it at ‘The Hutch, at Willow & Oak on Macleay Island from Tuesday, October 24.

• Ted Upton with his inspirational ‘birds cage’ artwork.



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