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The year 2022 is here, and with those numbers looking pretty cool, it already has a ‘good feel’ about it. There is much happening on our islands in 2022 and it appears that it could be a ‘good one’. Mind you, don’t hold us to that projection. After the last couple of years, we know that just about anything can happen to turn it all on its head! We don’t know what is going to happen with Covid and the way it is managed. We would like to think our Governments have learned a fair bit and won’t panic as much as they have in the past! If another pandemic pops up, we can all deserve to be more than a little suspicious of what might really going on! But the signs so far are fairly good for a strong year for our islands. With the island real estate and building industries leading the way, there are plenty of reasons to feel reasonably positive. For starters, we know the Southern Bay Islands are having plenty of money spent on them at the moment with the State Government and Redland City Council forking out $34 million for new jetties for each of the four islands. Russell Island will have their new jetty by the end of the year, and the Macleay Island jetty may not be too far behind it. The ‘green seal’ roads program is to continue with more money than ever to be spent on them in 2022 We know there is more commercial development coming for Russell Island which can only be a good thing because more island amenities will result. The really big issue this year will be the result of the Federal Election which is due to be held by May. How it ends up we have no idea; what we do know that whoever is in power they sure will have a massive debt to handle (thanks to Covid spending). As far as the seat of Bowman is concerned, it would seem that we are supposed to be getting a new representative, given the issues that beset the incumbent Andrew Laming. But don’t be surprised if there is a shock move going into the election that could see a surprise result!? We will also see the Weinam Creek PDA area progress this year with work to start on the new roadway system, as well as a start on the Redland Bay Satellite Hospital. As for North Stradbroke Island there is not a lot to look forward to. The Dunwich (Goompi) Master Plan has now been sent back to the State Government following community consultation, and there is still uncertainty as to council’s role in relation to the Quandamooka native title land. Council has been asked to incorporate the land into council’s city plan, with still much work to be done. There will be more works at Point Lookout in relation to stage two of the panorama walk and sewerage works and new pathways at Amity Point. As for Coochiemudlo not much more than maintenance is on the menu, it seems! Let’s hope we get through the next 12 months safely, productively and above all, happy about it!

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