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ISLAND POWER OUTAGES There have been some power outages on the Bay Islands in recent times, which were resolved within a few hours. Around 3000 customers on Macleay, Russell, Lamb and Karragarra Islands lost power at 4am in one of the outages and crews had safely restored power to everyone within a few hours. The cause was a tree branch contacting powerlines, which triggered the network protection system. This works like the safety switch in your home, but on a much larger scale. For safety reasons, if there’s any contact with the network (vegetation, bat strike, vehicle accident), it will trip circuit breakers until crews can establish the cause and rectify it so that power can be safely restored. Good to know! DIESEL SUPPLY MACLEAY Many Macleay Islanders were a little shocked when they discovered there was no diesel fuel available from the island service station at the Five Star Supermarket. We received a couple of calls and we discovered there was no fuel because the storage tank for diesel at Five Star is about to be REPLACED. It appears that there has been a leakage associated with the existing diesel storage tank. By the time you read this, the tank may already have been replaced and diesel fuel available again on Macleay. Hopefully! HEARD THIS ONE? Oveheard from the news telecast of the Canberra anti-vaccination protests: Police asked the crowd if they knew who had the keys to a truck that they said was ‘in the way’ so it could be removed. Some wag in the crowd replied: “No need to worry about the truck; it identifies as a small sedan!” Good one! RSL SUB BRANCH AGM BEING HELD TO FRAME RSL CLUB FUTURE Russell Island RSL Positioning For The Future At a recent meeting of the RSL Sub Branch , it was decided to bring forward the Annual General Meeting of the Russell Island RSL Sub Branch to elect a new Board. A date has been set for the AGM and it will be held in early March. Notices will be posted to every Sub Branch member in coming days. During the next few weeks a steering committee will endeavour to determine the current status of the Club financials and the options that will allow the reopening of the Club. We look forward to fresh announcements from the New Committee in the coming weeks.

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