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WOOLIES AMAZING RESPONSE: ‘NOT’ How’s this for an amazing response from a big Australian business that claims to be everything to everyone. We have all seen the Woolies trucks coming back and forth, sometimes multiple times a day, bringing produce ordered online or over the phone to heaps of islanders. Not so for relative Macleay Island newcomer, Tamara Wilkie. Just as we were going to press, Tamara told us of her involvement with the Big W. Both she and her two teenage children were ‘laid up’ with the Coronavirus and were badly in need of some groceries. Everything was fine until they discovered that she and her children had Covid. “I spent two hours on the phone to be told that the people who drive the trucks to our island are contractors and that they would not ‘prioritise’ a delivery to someone living in a ‘remote’ location.” To say Tamara was disgusted, is an understatement. She was livid. “They make all these claims, but when someone is really struggling and couldn’t get any groceries, we got a big ‘no’, with people waiting sometimes days for their deliveries.” For the record, our political representatives have been trying to have our island classified as ‘remote’ for some time, with no success. The reason: We would qualify for more Federal and State Government funding. So the claim by Woolworths does not stick. In the end Tamara and her children received some help from a neighbour who went and ’shopped’ for them. And guess where she won’t be shopping in future! MAGAZINE DELIVERY Delivery of the Friendly Bay Islander on our islands has everything to do with the weather. Some islanders may have noted some late deliveries, particularly on Macleay and Lamb Islands. The storms of early March played a huge role in the delivery process. We have a policy at The Friendly Bay Islander that delivery only happens when the weather is not a threat. We work too hard to provide good information and stories and great advertising for island businesses to ensure that delivery as ‘dry’ as possible. We do not want to see our magazine soaking in an island letter box. So if you received your magazine a little later than usual, blame the weather. And a special ‘thank you’ goes out to our team of deliverers!! RADIO FBI APP for APPLE AND ANALOG Radio FBI is growing and going from strength to strength with new shows, island information and the best music you will ever want to hear! You can download the APP easily if you have an Apple iPhone. It is a little bit different to get the App if you have an Analog phone. You need to remember when requesting the Analog APP there on no spaces in the listing. You have to ask for the radiofbi app - no spaces! HEAR YE! SELECTING A NEW TOWN CRIER! Redland City Council is shouting out for a new Town Crier following the retirement of Max Bissett in December last year. Mayor Karen Williams said Max had made an outstanding contribution during his 16 years of service as the city’s Town Crier. “He was a big supporter of our community and a great ambassador for our city,” Cr Williams said. “Max completed all his duties with passion and professionalism because he loves Redlands Coast and his community. Council put out a call last month for someone to fill the position. The criteria for the voluntary position are simple – a big voice, unwavering community pride and a strong passion for Redlands Coast. It involves entertaining to promote community spirit at festivals, parades and civic events. Expressions of interest for the position have now closed, and we shall watch for the new appointment with interest. MACEAY ISLAND FUEL The Macleay Island fuel supply is back to normal at the Five Star complex. Diesel fuel was cut off to the island when the previous diesel fuel storage tank was compromised. It has since been replaced and both diesel fuel as well as 91 and 95 petrol is now available at the Macleay Island pumps.

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