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The outcome of the Redlands Council Local Government election has not been without some drama. New Mayor Jos Mitchell was elected thanks to a split in the vote for Andrew Laming and Cindy Corrie. Our new Mayor had a team going into the election, and it did not fare quite the way it was supposed to. Adelia Berridge, and Jasper Every and at the time of going to press it looked like Hilton Travis may have also missed out, and Lance Hewlett scrapped in to join Wendy Boglary and Paul Bishop, who did not have to face an election because no candidate stood against them in Divisions 1 and 10. What it means is a split council, not necessarily in the favour of new Mayor Jos Mitchell. It will be interesting to see how the new council works, despite claims of all being ‘independents’. Not necessarily so in reality, but let’s hope they can see some common ground to get things ‘done’ rather than the usual ‘them and us’ cut and thrust.


We received this little tale from our friend, Kitti Schell :”I would like to thank the consideration of a Captain of a Sealink vessel, Damien, who recently, when he pulled into Mainland jetty, had to to go into Bay Three for refuelling. Instead of making older folk wait standing, who normally can sit down on seats along Jetty One, he called out to us. Why are the seats all gone? The Contractors have taken out the seating and there were many older persons who did not know this had to now stand making life more difficult for them especially as the rain was falling. So Damien called out to us all to come over and sit in the ferry rather than him have to back out his boat and then come in again to pick us up in the other bay.His thoughtful consideration and kindness for the Aged and those with ailments did not go unnoticed. Little moments like this is what  makes living on SMBI a joy, even whilst chaos of changes are happening around them.” Thank you Damo!


There was a visit to Macleay Island recently for a ‘special’ morning tea. Organised by Jacquie Kennedy from RSPCA Qld, this annual event gives island pet owners the opportunity to hear about animal rescue from officer Chantal along with advice on how to plan to have their pets cared for, if required, and a reminder to include RSPCA in their will. Jacquie Kennedy mentioned she is seeking a ‘calm, kind, forever’ home on Macleay with no children, for a bonded pair of miniature poodles whose elderly owner is no longer able to care for them. If you can help out, she can be contacted on 0477902102.


A house fire on Macleay Island devastated a home on the corner of Scotts Road and Gregory Street. The home was badly damaged and it is believed the blaze may have started in solar panels on the roof. The fire was extinguished by Macleay Island volunteer fire fighters. However, investigation and examination of the blaze was carried out by crews from the mainland. 


 The Star Community Services team are in need of more ‘finders’STAR Care Finders are here to support vulnerable older people who would not be able to arrange services without intensive support and do not have a family member or friends who can help. The STAR Care Finder will meet with the person requiring support, usually in person. They will ask questions to understand the person’s situation and support them in a variety of ways such as: talking to My Aged Care on their behalf and arranging an assessment; attending and providing support at the assessment; finding and short-listing aged care providers in their area; completing forms and understanding aged care service agreements; checking-in once services are up and running to make sure everything is OK; solving other challenges and connecting to supports in the community, such as health, mental health, housing and homelessness, drug and alcohol services and community groups. If you would like to become a ‘Finder’ then for more information simply call STAR Care Finder Tina Farrimond on  0408 502 474.



A ceremonial military parade through the streets of Cleveland will mark the 10th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) being granted Freedom of Entry to Redland City. The No.95 Wing of the RAAF was given Freedom of Entry on 12 April 2014 and this will be replicated on Saturday 13 April 2024. A parade along Shore Street West, from Raby Bay Harbour Park to the ANZAC Centenary Park, will feature military members dressed in ceremonial attire wearing operational medals, military colours and carrying ceremonial swords and rifles. Battle honours will be flown and a band will accompany the parade that is proudly presented by Redland City Council. EVENT: Freedom of Entry to Redland City WHEN: 8.30am to 10am, Saturday 13 April, 2024 WHERE: Parade starts at Raby Bay Harbour Park and proceeds to the ANZAC Centenary Park, Cleveland



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