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TIME N TIDE December 2023

THE RAIN! THE RAIN! Finally some good bursts of rain, but weren’t the two rain events in early November and the big downpour later in the month, welcome. We have never er seen our islands so dry, and the difference after a few days was pleasing to see. Vast areas of golden grass started turning green again. At the time of writing this, another rain event was on its way1 SANTA AT WILLOW & OAK! A great place to be in the lead up to Christmas is Willow & Oak on Macleay Island. There is always something happening via Anne Webber at Macleay island Property Agents, Kopasz & Curly cafe, Poto gifts and RACKA. Adele the Barber is also back cutting hair after taking time off to add a baby to her family. Yeaaay! And Santa is coming to Willow and Oak on Saturday and Sunday, December 9 and 10. He will be there from 9.30am to 11.30 am each day. Willow & Oak is located at 25 High Central Rd, Macleay Island. REMEMBRANCE DAY ON OUR ISLANDS Remembrance Day on our islands was observed on Macleay and Russell Islands, and from what we have been told there were also services on Straddie and Coochie as well. The 11th hour on the 11th Day signalled Armistice Day 105 year ago, and it is wonderful to see it still remembered so strongly, particularly given the huge Australian sacrifice in that dreadful war. VOICE VOTING REVEALS ABSENTEE PROBLEMS ON ISLANDS Last month we mentioned the problems with absentee voting on our islands, and those involved with the counting here were quick to respond. It seems both Russell and Macleay Islands were not prepared for the considerable visitation on the islands on polling day for the Voice. Absentee voting papers were supplied, but soon ran out. To make sure people were not ‘fined’ for not voting, the voting supervisors on the islands took note of every person who wasn't able to vote due to being from interstate and wrote out a full description of their particular situation and took down their full details etc in the hope of avoiding them a fine for failing to vote as they had made every effort to do so. A trip to Cleveland to vote absentee wasn't feasible for most people and there simply wasn't enough time to get there before the polls closed. The supervisors told us they will be petitioning all levels of Government to provide more information and forms for absentee voting in the future. It seems we have far more visitors to the SMB Islands that some have thought! DRAMA ON KARRAGARRA It seems there is some area of dispute on Karragarra Island at the present time. Redland City Council is about to carry out work on the popular covered area adjacent to the wonderful Karra Beach. Fixed seating is going to be provided by council at what, we believe, will be considerable cost. It seems council sought advice from the KIRRA group on the islands, indicating support for the initiative. However, we have become aware that many on Karragarra oppose the work and the spend. Currently movable seating and tables is on the site, and for seemingly a good reason. Karra is perhaps the most ‘social’ island and the covered area is used continuously. Weddings, parties and functions are often held at the site, and moving the tables for other activities has always been an advantage. Fixed seating will see that ‘flexibility of use’ come to an end. Seems a shame, but from what we are told, it looks like the changes cannot be halted. INDIGISCAPES PLASTIC FREE IndigiScapes Café on Redlands Coast has become south-east Queensland’s first Certified Plastic Free Champion in Boomerang Alliance’s Plastic Free Places program. The Redland City Council environmental education facility at Capalaba has further strengthened its sustainability credentials by having its IndigiCafe accredited under the program that aims to phase out single-use plastics at hospitality sites. The program provides free assistance to food retailers, helping to make the transition away from single-use plastics as simple as possible. Thanks to funding from the Queensland Government, the program has joined forces with Council to offer this support to Redlands Coast businesses. Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was an honour to be the first establishment certified to be a Plastic Free Champion in the south-east region. To find out more and join, please head to



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