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LAMING ANNOUNCEMENT STANDING The heading on Sky News the other day said it all. Andrew Laming is considering standing for a Queensland State seat in Parliament. The former Federal LNP Member for Bowman has indicated a direction that has been ‘on the cards’ for some time. Clearly the long-term Federal Member of Parliament was more than a little ‘miffed’ when he was subject to allegations on several levels over the past couple of years. However, progressively and methodically he has tackled each of those allegations one by one. He has done it through the courts via defamation actions and he has been seriously (and financially) vindicated at each and every turn, much to chagrin of major news organisations as the ABC and Nine, among others. Apologies have had to be made from a number of people, which is not surprising, because 10 MP’s and journalists were in his firing line. Most have ended in the former MP’s favour, and you can bet he would also like to have former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, on the list of apologees. After all, it was the former PM who ruled against Andrew Laming standing for Bowman at the last Federal election, and Laming had to watch his seat end in the lap of new Member for Bowman Henry Pike. So what of the next Queensland State election? Could Andrew Laming have Labor MP Kim Richards in his sights? Or maybe it could be the Capalaba seat of Don Brown? Andrew Laming has yet to formally declare his intent, but will he stand; and will he stand as an Independent? Certainly won’t be for the LNP in the seat of Redlands, because Rebecca Young has already been selected as the LNP candidate for Redlands in the 2024 State election. We put the question to Andrew Laming at his recent Brisbane book launch. Whilst acknowledging the Sky News story, he was tight-lipped about the ‘if’s and when’s’. Interesting stuff! MORE ISLAND POLICE There has been a call in this edition for more island police, particularly for the two islands with the biggest populations Russell/Canaipa and Macleay Island. Population has increased to such an extent that the 2021 census figures are virtually a waste of time. The Friendly Bay Islander can tell from its growth in circulation fairly accurately what the population figures are. We reckon Russell/Canaipa Island is heading for 4800 residents and Macleay is about 4300. Not so long ago, the population on both islands were almost level, but Russell is increasing rapidly. More people means more crime or less crime, depending on the number of police that are on hand. Both Macleay and Russell/Canaipa are four man police stations. That sounds a lot, but it isn’t. What it really means is that at any given time there is lucky to be two police on duty full time. The rest is about managing time off and holidays. it is known that levels of Domestic Violence and other issues have increased in recent times thanks to the pandemic restrictions and the massive increase in new island residents. We know North Stradbroke/Minjerribah has long had an eight-man police station, helped along by some friendly politicians and the massive increase in population on the ‘big island’ at holiday times in particular. Clearly there is a need for more police on the SMB Islands, to at least match the Straddie police presence! CANAIPA NAME SURVEY The survey being conducted by Redlands MP Kim Richards in relation to a name change for Russell Island to the suggested Canaipa Island, is gathering momentum. It seems the majority of replies are in favour of the name change, and could be as high as 80% in favour. The exact support for the name change won’t be known until it comes to the close on May 31. The Friendly Bay Islander is in support of the name change for many reasons, but most of all because it will help rid the negative impact that the Russell Island name has attracted over the years, often for some very silly and unfair reasons. Just the other day we checked a real estate web site where a supposed real estate ‘expert’ again trundled out the ‘blocks in the water’ story that has plagued the Russell Island name now for 40 years! Get over it, for goodness sake. A fresh start for an old and original island name (Canaipa/Kanipa) is obviously the way to go. If you feel the same way, go to Kim Richards website, or her advertisement on page 5 of this edition, scan the image on your phone, and vote in favour of the name change! NEW AMBULANCE FERRY COMING Apparently a new ambulance Ferry is coming to to our islands to replace the current replacement ambulance ferry. The previous vessel was called Kitty Kat. The current one is called Inswiabon. The new one under construction will be called ‘MediKat’. Good name. OUR NEW LOOK! Readers will notice a ‘new look’ to your Friendly Bay Islander in this edition. We like to stay up with the latest design trends, so you will see sections of the magazine have a NEW LOOK about them. This is a progressive move that will continue to happen over the coming months. We hope you enjoy the new look and the design changes!!??



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