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DON’T PARK IN CAR SHARE TRIAL AREA PLEASE NOTE Redland City Council is now issuing PARKING INFRINGEMENT NOTICES if you park in the area that has been set aside for the Bay Island Car Share trial. Some people have been ignoring the signage and parking anyway, affecting the management of the trial. So BE WARNED, to avoid getting a ticket; don’t park in the well-signed, and marked spaces, in the southern corner of the front car park. DON’T BLAME THE COUNCIL! Without giving it a thought, most people when they get the opportunity, blame the ‘local council’.  In our case it is the Redland City Council. It is happening all around the place at the moment, and particularly on North Stradbroke Island as islanders grapple with the big announcement re the Native Title handover of land to QYAC. this an agreement between The State Labor Government and  the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC). It has absolutely nothing to do with Redland City Council. Council  knew of a possible agreement, but nothing else. It was not invited to be part of the process at any stage, but will be required to ‘ratify’ whatever has been agreed, including re-zonings; but cannot change, suggest or amend anything. It it is like being asked to be involved ‘after the horse has bolted’. When it comes to State matters, local government has no say or power whatsoever! MORE PUBLICITY FOR OUR ISLANDS Straddie and our Southern Bay Islands have come in for considerable publicity in recent times. Straddie was in the news ‘big time’ for the stunning Quandamooka Land Aspirations agreement, with the State Labor Government that seemingly was agreed in secret under Jackie Trad’s reign in 2011, but only came to light to island locals last week, shocking even elements of the island Aboriginal community. The land deal, which involves large tracks of the three townships of Dunwich, Amity and Point Lookout are millions in value; with the agreement being done with the QYAC organisation. The other stories were about our Forgotten Islands in the Courier Mail on how the islands have missed on infrastructure spending for many years; the stories and concepts originating in the columns of The Friendly Bay Islander. Local real estate agent Chris McGregor has been active in developing Brisbane media coverage. The ABC also made a visit to our islands for several days for a series of stories as well. ALL SET FOR THE FASHION SHOW We have never seen anything quite like it. A bevy of ’beauties’ trying out their outfits for  the forthcoming the Fashion Show to be held at the Macleay Island Op Shop on Wednesday, October 7, starting at 10am (they will need to start that early if the ‘beauties’ may dazzle too much, held later in the day!)  It’s going to start with a glass of bubbly at 9.30am then it will be On with the Show!  This will definitely be a bit cheeky, and all in good fun. Bookings are essential.  Tickets are just $12 per person and seating is limited due to Covid-19 regulations. You can get your tickets from the Op Shop 34095613, the Macleay Community Hall office 3409 4222, or the Bay Islands Community Services office on Russell Island 3409 1177. DEALING WITH MIDGES  Biting-midge breeding season is upon us, with an increase in numbers expected over the coming weeks. Redland City Council advises that unlike mosquitoes, which Council did treat, there were no midge-specific insecticides available and no chemicals approved; or safe for use in the Moreton Bay Marine Park, where biting midges breed. Unlike mosquitoes, midges are not known to transmit any human diseases in Australia. But Council hasn’t given up the challenge of finding a better way to manage midges and is partnering with industry research bodies and other councils to keep up to date with the latest research and practices.You can take measures to protect yourselves during the peak breeding season, including: Wearing insect repellent and long, loose-fitting clothing if heading outdoors at dawn and dusk; Installing fine mesh fly screens where midge are making their way through into homes. Fly screens can also be treated with UV stable insecticide;  Increasing air flow around your home; keeping vegetation surrounding the house to a minimum to reduce insect-harbouring areas;  Look into privately initiated barrier treatments from qualified pest controllers. For further information on biting midge, search Council’s webpage at EFFECTIVE CCTV? A reader had an incident with his Mercedes Benz van in Weinam Creek car park. where the van side door was damaged from somebody else or another car. The van was located right under a CCTV camera and pointed in its direction. The owner immediately went to Redland Bay police station and reported it. The police were asked if the footage could be seen, so somebody might be held responsible for the vehicle damage. The police said they would get onto council to get the footage. The reply from council was the footage had been deleted as 30 days had passed. Had the footage been available, some restitution or insurance could have been possible. Why the delay in reply and why the deletion of the footage with a query in the system? Clearly there are issues here that need to be resolved.



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