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It has been a long haul for Mayor Karen Williams.

More than 20 years on Redland City Council, 12 of them as Mayor, has been a major part of her life.

Mayor Williams has now decided to finally call it a day after what has been a significant contribution to the Redlands and our islands.

It is fair to say, that prior to Karen Williams becoming Mayor, or islands had little or no support from Redland City Council.

Since that time, and with the help and support of outgoing Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards, our islands started getting its ‘fair share’ of funding and support.

And Karen Williams is proud to say that Council now continues to support our island communities.  

“Despite the continuing political resistance from a minority, myself and Cr Edwards have continued to push for improved road conditions across the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) with the re-commencement of road sealing works on Russell Island. “Since the introduction of the green seal program, Council has sealed kilometres of dirt roads to the sum of $19 million. 

“This has been a vital commitment of mine to the SMBI community since becoming Mayor in 2012.”

The outgoing Mayor says that during her term in office, she has delivered on several major commitments to our SMB Islands.

Her list of achievements includes: 

  • negotiating for the integration of Southern Moreton Bay Island ferry services into the TransLink network, providing significant savings and free inter-island transport and reducing the need for infrastructure duplication across islands

  • introducing and delivering the green seal program 

  • delivering $48.6 million in upgraded ferry terminals in partnership with the State Government 

  • extending the Macleay Island Ferry Terminal carpark

  • providing an additional 500 carparks at Weinam Creek

  • driving the Car Share opportunities at Weinam Creek.

  • Implementing CCTV at Weinam Creek in partnership with police

  • negotiating the declaration of two of Queensland’s first three Priority Development Areas, at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek to transform the waterfront areas into dynamic precincts to encourage state ownership and investment.

Karen Williams told The Friendly Bay Islander: “There is still much more work to be done, and I will continue to advocate for these during my last days as Mayor, to see that much needed and critical infrastructure is delivered to SMBI residents. 

“I will continue to look for opportunities to call for the State Government to work with Council to deliver the much-needed park ‘n’ ride facility at Weinam Creek as they do for many TransLink transport hubs in south-east Queensland. 

“Additionally, SMBI deserves its regional status to be reinstated by the Commonwealth Government and provided by State Government so that Council can access much needed grants funds to continue delivering roads, improving social services, and developing adequate mainland facilities to make island life not only easier, but safer.

“It is important that other levels of government provide their fair share of investment.” the Mayor said.

Karen Williams certainly won’t be taking it easy or ‘relaxing’ any time soon.

She and husband John have been developing their wonderful Mount Cotton property into one of the most magnificent wedding and conferences you will ever see.

She also has plenty of animals to feed, particularly the very cute group of Lamas who have developed into very efficient ‘lawn mowers’. (See story Karen’s Place elsewhere in this edition).

• Going out with a ‘bang’ Mark Edwards and Karen Williams



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