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IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON’ AT THE RUSSELL ISLAND POST OFFICE’ SAY ANTHONY AND KATRINA GLEESON Anthony and Katrina Gleeson of the Russell Island Post Office reckon it’s time for them to ‘move on’. The couple have been the mainstays of the popular post office for the past 12 years and have transformed it into one of the most successful businesses on our islands. “In fact, we have taken the business just about as far as we can go, and we believe it is time for someone else with some vision and enthusiasm, to take the island Post Office into a bright future,” Anthony Gleeson told The Friendly Bay Islander. Ironically, the Gleesons came to purchase the Post Office business way back in 2009?, purely by accident. “We had brought our successful canvas business to the islands. “By chance we discovered it was far cheaper to run our operation from the islands than from the mainland. “We arranged cheaper business accommodation, found reliable workers and then, lo and behold, we discovered that shipping our canvas products all over the country via the Post Office and Australia Post was far cheaper than we had previously organised privately. “It was a surprise to us at the time, and it led to us buying the Russell Island Post Office,” Anthony Gleeson said. Back then, the Post Office was located in the complex opposite the Russell Island State School. It was also at that time that the Gleeson started advertising the Post Office and its services and gift lines in the Friendly Bay Islander; it was our 2nd ever edition in November 2011. A few years later they moved the business to its present location in the Russell Island Shopping Centre, Since those years, the business has absolutely transformed into the extensive operation it is today. It encompasses an extensive banking system from most card holding banking institutions. You can pay bills from a whole host of services, organisations and institutions. Business can bank and withdraw funds, and do many of their transactions as well. Phones are part-and parcel of the Post Office supply chain with brands from many suppliers always available at the very best prices. Then there is the front-of shop retail that brings some of the most interesting and best-priced items to the islands. Anthony Gleeson admits that he and Katrina have taken the business as ‘far as they can’. “We want to hand over to some new faces with new enthusiasm for the new directions that are coming as technology continues to change things for the better.” Anthony believes there may be some new arrivals on our islands who will be interested in the successful and growing business. If you are, have a chat to Anthony when next in the Russell Island Post Office.

• Katrina and Anthony Gleeson outside the popular Russell Island Post Office.

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