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BLYTHE RANDELL HAS FAIR LOPPED OFF TO RAISE MONEY FOR ‘HAIR WITH HEART’ Macleay Island State School student Blythe Randell is a 10-year-old going places. The young student has surprised her family and fellow students by having all hair hair lopped off in front of the entire school. Already a passionate young person, she decided to she would have her hair cut to support a charity called Hair with Heart which is linked to Variety, the children’s charity. By having her hair removed, she has brought attention to a little known effort that provides wigs for sick children. Blythe is the daughter of Dr Shannon Morton and Ross Randell, and the sister of 12-tear-old Saxby. The family have lived on Macleay Island for the past four years. Blythe decided to support the charity on her own, and when she told mum Shannon about her effort to try and raise $1500 for the charity, she said: “it’s only hair mum!”. According to Shannon and Ross, Blythe has the heart ‘the size of Phar Lap”. Blythe told The Friendly Bay Islander she wanted to show other kids that you can ‘do anything if you want to”. She reckons her latest effort is: “normal by my standards”. Needless to say, her parents are enormously proud of young Blythe. Even brother Saxby reckons his sister is ‘pretty cool’. Having her locks lopped off in front of all the school by hairdresser Dean Sulli on Macleay Island has gone down very well. “I am getting lots of smiles and lot of kids rubbing my fuzzy short hair (growing back already), Blythe is nearing her $1500 target and if you would like to help her reach her goal to help sick kids, the go to this link:

• Blythe having her hair lopped by hairdresser Dean Sulli at Macleay Island State School.

• And finally pictured with brother Saxby, mum Shannon and dad Ross.



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