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PLAN TO EXTEND CANAIPA TRACK ON RUSSELL ISLAND INTO MAJOR TOURIST ATTRACTION Two islanders have come up with a suggested plan to extend the new track recently completed by Redland City Council on the Russell Island foreshore. Michael Clout and artist/designer Bob Turner have come up with the track extension that has the potential to become a considerable new island tourist attraction. They think what the council has started with the meandering track from the junction of High Street and Bayview Road to Jock Kennedy Park is an inspiration for a much longer and beneficial outcome. Bob Turner told The Friendly Bay Islander that Michael Clout from Industrial Services on the islands (the big mobile crane had suggested to him a track that runs near Michael’s home in Willes Street. So Bob-the-artist has come up with a design that is pictured with this story that extends the trek considerably becoming a raised timber boardwalk in places as it progresses via mangrove sections. It could then loop up near Willes Street and eventually connect with the soon-to-be developed Botanical Gardens. “It could also head in other directions as well,” Bob Turner added. Michael Clout said he was inspired by the story of the curving track built by council that was featured on the front cover of the March edition of The Friendly Bay Islander. “There is an ideal section over near Willes Street that would blend itself to the development of such a track extension. “The possibilities are considerable and endless with this style of community walkways,” Michael Clout told The Friendly Bay Islander. Bob said it would be great if a new safe swimming enclosure could be built off Jock Kennedy Park. And a rise-and-fall mooring at the boat ramp is a necessity to provide a safe way for older islanders to launch and hold their boats. A mangrove boardwalk would enhance fitness and appreciation for the natural beauty of the island, and there is scope for a mooring hub for boats, hire boats, kayaks and canoes along the way. With hilly areas on the circuit, Bob Turner reckons ‘Spanish-style steps- could be developed into the walk design. “And this could lead to the Botanical Gardens that are sure to be a major island tourism and visitation attraction. “What a way it would be to meander to what will be a wonderful asset for the islands,” Bob added.

• Bob Turner's design for the Russell Island track extension.



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