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Club Macleay is launching a new V.I.P. APP that is set to revolutionise the club and probably the rest of the club industry.

The club has worked in conjunction with Harris Data Systems to develop a unique V.I.P. APP specifically for the small club industry.

It was made possible with the help of a small business grant made available via the State Government.

The VIP APP came into operation on May 1st.

Club manager Julie Brooks has played an integral role in the development of the APP, educating Harris Data Systems about the intricacies and foibles of the small club industry.

The V.I.P. APP will allow all club members to access everything they need to know about the club and what is available to them as V.I.P. members.

Not only that, but the APP will also be able to track club transactions for club members providing the financial functions of debit and credit, as well as Apple pay and Google pay.

You will be able pre-purchase bottle shop sales for instance, and have the purchase available for instant pick-up.

Julie Brooks said: :”The good news is that the V.I.P. APP is totally FREE to members.

“And all you have to do to access the new APP is go to the club website and DOWNLOAD.

“I’m really hoping patrons will utilise the click and collect option as the program is designed for much speedier service and, of course, is Covid safe.

“The suppliers of this wonderful app and the POS system is by Harris Data Systems.“

This is what the Club Macleay VIP App can do:

¨ View your points at any time

¨ Check your transactions

¨ View our special events & music guide

¨ View and redeem vouchers

¨ View our bottle shop menu

¨ Click and Collect bottle shop purchases

¨ Contactless payments with reward points, debit or credit card

¨ Apply Pay or Google Pay supported

• The new V.I.P as it appears on your mobile phone!



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