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VISTA MURAL THE TALK OF THE TOWN ON MACLEAY ISLAND! One of the first ‘Macleay Island VISTA Group’s projects for enhancing the island’s streetscapes, has been the paining of the colourful mural in the Town Centre on Southsea Terrace. Depicting the essence of the island with Bush, Bay, Environment and The Arts theme, it has certainly captured the community’s attention. Catherine Marsh, the mural’s artist, has been spurred-on by passers by, especially Michael and John, as she progressed through the many hours of painting. Barbara, one of the early morning walkers, posted thank-you notes on notice-boards; a reflection of the extremely positive response gained from the community. See if you can work out what song the musical notes represent on the mural. Musician Eve Newsome has painted them on. (The answer is actually on the mural). It has been a multi-organisational contribution to the community, with major support from MIPA (Macleay Island Progress Association under whose banner the Vista group operates), paint donated by MIAC (Macleay Island Arts Complex), special sealer being donated by Kim Richard’s Office and the board constructed by Energex on whose site the mural is situated. Many more projects are planned by VISTA. Watch for details of working bees coming up undertaking landscaping and streetscaping projects. If you are interested in joining the group or just helping at a working bee, please contact:

• The Vista Group with supporters and friends at the Macleay Island Mural on the Energex site.

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